Is This Guy Serious? (For Old Dudes)

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  • Nickolas

    Could it just be as simple as lust? There are fewer taboos today then there were a generation ago. And, let's face it Old Dudes, there's Viagra and Cialis now, too.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    A younger Fillipino woman was flirting with me the other day. I thought it was going somewhere, then she abruptly stopped. I contemplated the conversation, then remembered after she ask me what part of town I lived in.......I told her I live there with another guy. Maybe she thought I was gay.

    Think About It

  • Farkel


    : Farkel, sex isn't about logic but it is still sex, right?

    You must be baiting me, because you've known me enough years to know what I going to say:

    That is a non-sequitur, and you know it!

    Sex will always be sex, and logic will always be logic, and rarely do they meet.

    But you knew that.


  • dgp

    Farkel, am I glad to see you posting here again .

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