Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 07-31-2011 WT Study (TRUST/CONFIDENCE)

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  • WTWizard

    This is yet another waste of time. Here Jehovah is saying "I don't have to do a fxxxing thing for you, since I already provided the blueprint in Tyrant David. Instead of viewing your own miserable, unfulfilled life, you are to dwell on what I did for Tyrant David."

    I have some bad news for you. Just because Jehovah did something for Tyrant David (or Job, for that matter), THAT DOES NOT MEAN JACK SQUAT FOR YOU. The "blessing" was already done and written up so that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag won't have to endure yet another life marred by happiness and pleasure repeating it on you. Instead, you are supposed to dwell on the life of someone (or several other people) that died more than 3,000 years ago.

  • punkofnice

    Another gem Blondie. I noticed this....

    18 What if someone says or does things that upset us?

    The propoganda technique of the 'what if' that presupposes something to bulid an argument on sand. I wonder if this is a version of a straw man???

    Yeah, well what if they don't!!

  • Ding

    Trust in God = Trust in the organization

    Blondie, you summed up the entire WT religion in less than 10 words!

  • blondie
  • blondie

    Here's the recent info on obeying the WTS/FDS/GB even if wrong:

    When the Israelite nation under the supervision of the king and their religious leaders were tossing their children into the fire as worship to false gods, should the Israelites who knew it was wrong according to the Law have obeyed the king and the religious leaders?

  • nugget

    Ziddina nice parallel although Lady Jane Grey was pronounced heir by Edward who died young. She was a protestant and the court was desperate to prevent Mary from taking the throne. Mary was catholic. Unfortunately Lady Jane Grey did not have the suppot of the people who preferred Mary as the legal heir to the throne and without popular support she was overthrown after 9 days.

    So David trusted in Jehovah and despite his sins was forgiven even though the law would have required his death. But as witnesses you are required not to trust in Jehovah and work out your own salvation, you have to trust in men and their flawed judgement. Your relatives will be told to treat you as dead.

    I am constantly amazed by the control and misery that their trust engenders.

  • sd-7

    That's classic, Blondie. Total double standard going on in the royal house of David. So Absalom's the bad guy for wanting to get even with the guy who raped his sister, but David gets a free pass and gets to live after NUMEROUS sins that warranted the death penalty under the Law. Never really thought about it.

    Thing that makes me wonder is, if Absalom got stuck in a tree, what's up with that? He didn't have a blade to cut himself down with? Anyway, it's quite clear that David's conduct in quite a few instances showed that he trusted in himself, lusted after women, and did basically what he wanted and got away with it. Never really got comeuppance for all the deaths he caused.

    I like how they conveniently hint at themselves by suggesting that Absalom's fate is a warning not to frak with God's anointed ones. Ha! Such arrogance. Perhaps the deaths they are responsible for are about on par with David's mistakes, eh? does make me wonder, where was the deep spiritual lesson in all this sex and violence? Lots of rape, betrayal, politics. But I guess I'm just allowing worldly tendencies to take over. The rapes were totally educational, as was the spearing Absalom and so on.

    Sounds like an episode of 'The Tudors' to me...The Final Seduction...['The Tudors' theme]


  • ziddina

    Thanks, Nugget!! Lady Jane Grey's name was tickling the back of my mind but I didn't want to take the time to look it up....

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