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by paulnotsaul 8 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • paulnotsaul

    Hi everyone. Does anyone still sometimes get that guilty feeling? You know, be honest, whenever a certain day comes around you felt like you had to be somewhere? Like for me: tues,thurs, & sun. Kinda hard to exercise freedom in christ when the org. demands all your freedom! Peace to all. paulnotsual

  • mrsjones5

    Used but that was years ago. Trust me the feeling will fade as you get on with your life.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Well, if your going to feel guilty about missing meetings, you only need to feel guilty TWICE a week now.

  • Quendi

    Once I made the decision not to return, I had no problems. I don't miss the meetings, and I don't feel guilty when meeting days/nights come around and I am otherwise engaged. This year saw me boycott the Memorial too. That felt particularly good to miss. I still value Christ's life and I appreciate his sacrificial death, but I don't need the Society's distorted view on those matters in my life anymore.


  • AGuest

    "Guilty" feeling? Heck no, dear Paul (peace to you!). Not once. Ever. Got bored on my days/nights "off" a few times during the first years... but got over that eventually. Started LIVING. Once I did that, didn't have time to feel guilty... or be bored.

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • sizemik

    Probably for about 6 months . . . off and on . . . but that was 7 years ago now.

    There's a KH just up the road from me . . . when I drive by it with a full carpark . . . I just smile inside

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    I did for a month or two, but soon found that trying new things, meeting new people, and enjoying my life soon put to bed the guilt feelings...why not make a list of things youd like to do and places you want to visit? Like Sizemik, I have to pass the KH to leave the village....I too smile inside as Im off for a picnic at the beach on Sunday morning....and enjoying life and love without conditions x

  • cptkirk

    sizemik how do you have so much inner peace? i just read a post you made on another thread, it really took me back. i'm wondering what the wts would look like if you did all their writing, maybe what it was supposed to look like.

    guilt from not being at kh? nada

  • jefferyjones

    guilt is an emotion that can serve us if we listen to it.

    guilt tell us that there's a belief that we know is important that we are breaking.

    how do get rid of guilt? simple. by identifying the belief and what we are doing to break it, and stop doing it.

    in your example you know that you're supposed to be at christian meetings to worship Jehovah and to encourage your brothers and sisters, but you're not doing it, so your mind is prodding you because instead of doing what's right (i.e. looking out for your fellow man) you decide to pursue selfish things during that time.

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