Do they announce when a pioneer steps down at your hall?

by Evidently Apostate 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • steve2

    Elders cannot be too neutral and/or positive in responding to pioneers stepping down, otherwise there'd be a mass exodus from the pioneering ranks. Yes, I pretty much believe that when a JW weighs up whether to continue pioneering or not, the thought of having their name read out as no longer being a pioneer may be enough to keep them doing it, although ultimately it wouldn't be the only thing. The thought of even subtle negative consequences can hold people trapped for much longer than they'd ever reasonably consider.

  • Velour

    I was announced when I was removed as a pioneer. It was embarrassing and totally relieving all at once. I hated pioneering.

  • wannabefree


    Elder, Ministerial Servant, Pioneer, Unbaptized Publisher ... any who resign or are removed are announced

  • DagothUr

    Yes, pioneer stepping down is announced.

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