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  • Hairyhegoat

    We ways went on the menastry ! The one year this guy offered us a drink of cider at the door, my dad changed the subject fast..

    This was always a waist of time on xmas day, but you know what we always has a full turkey dinner after getting back from the door knocking.

    I live in the UK at the moment but will soon move to Alberta in Canada, what did your JW family do on XMAS day did you have family over etc..

    This year we had nobody my dad and all jw mongs hate us. We moved away to Tamworth in the UK but now the move to Canada is for our kids. In the UK there are no jobs for school leavers and when they graduate from university the only jobs are at KFC paying £5.25 per hour!

    I have had alook what Alberta are paying a shop worker or customer service person and it's in UK pounds £18- 25 k per year. These wages are far above the UK rate so it's time to get the $uck out of here..


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Around here, there was always a ski trip. The slopes were mobbed with Chinese, Jews and JWs.

  • ShirleyW

    Is "menastry" the proper UK spelling for "ministry" ??

  • Knowsnothing


    You know, with the theocratic smile? >>>>>

  • FlyingHighNow

    We felt depressed. Went to the movies and then to Waffle House. Then we felt depressed some more. Never, ever went in field service.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I cried! and cried. Neighbor families would invite my bro and I over to have our photo taken under their tree, which my parents allowed for five minutes. I saw their toys. The parents placed toys in our hand. Girls were in Christmas garb with bells in their hair. Why did I want to hold their toys. Also, neighbor kids refused to play with us b/c we had no heavy weaponry. We did not even have a ball most times.

    I am alone right now. My Christmas tree is garishly decorated with thousands of dollars of designer and junk ornaments. My tree should be three times higher than it is. I am very attached to my ornaments. Every year I maravel at how I have a tree, and wreaths, and other items. NY was wonderful at Christmas. The windows. We saw the window and the Radio City Stage Play as Witnesses. It was a secret.

    Next, I attended midnight services at the world's largest cathedral. Exquisite music. Private parties before services.

    Now I am alone in exurb. Services are very early. No drama. My Jewish doctor suggested that I go to a Chinese restrauarnat and see an Academy Aware nominee film Christmas Day to be with me. If Jews don't escape to the islands, they are in Chinatown on Christmas. Jews and Gentile see the hot films. I miss Christmas in the city. When I return, I plan to picket the horses at Central Park. They are visibly suffering.

    So, I give thanks that this is a multiculural country. Surpisingly, my last Chinese Christmas meal was attended by Christians meeting up friends. I would adore an English Christmas dinner with plum pudding and Buche de Noel.

    I am rading Hassan's cult book. It seems my family toeing the line but then ging worldly for small splurges helped me escape the Witnesses. I am very grateful for all those times. Though, children should know toys and magic, love. We were told to lie about our activities so we knew we were naughty and wrong.


    We listened to my mom tell us..

    How all those poor happy worldly kids,can only get presents once a year..

    ''JW`s can give presents all year loooooong''..

    Whoop-de-friggin -do!.....Shut the F*ck up already..

    Then I`d go to school..

    What did you get for Christmas OUTLAW?..

    Nothing..We`re JW Mushrooms..

    .................. ...OUTLAW

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    FHN, me, too

  • shamus100


    When you move to Alberta, bring mosquito repellant! Oh, and warm clothes too... ;D

  • Violia

    I watched all the Christmas movies on TV and on Christmas day sometimes ( by the 70s) there were all day programs like all day Twilight zones ( Zoneathon, Treckathons, etc). We spent more money and often bought ourselves gifts. We felt really sad and deprived. As a child we often would go visit relatives who did celebrate Christmas. I always celebrated Thanksgiving and we would have a big meal. We did not tell anyone , we just did it. We also semi celebrated the other holidays. we watched R rated movies. I guess we were liberal jws. I just wish there had been the net in the 70's and 80's, my life could have been so different.

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