587 B.C.E vs 607 B.C.E

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  • fade_away

    The latest Oct. Watchtower has an article that seems to be controversial amongst us "apostates." It's a long complicated article with tons of confusing names and dates, but in the end it sums it up and says:

    "To sum up: The Bible clearly states that there was an exile of 70 years. There is strong evidence—and most scholars agree—that the Jewish exiles were back in their homeland by 537 B.C.E. Counting back from that year would place Jerusalem’s destruction in 607 B.C.E. Though the classical historians and the canon of Ptolemy disagree with this date, valid questions can be raised about the accuracy of their writings. Really, those two lines of evidence hardly provide enough proof to overturn the Bible’s chronology."

    My question is: Is there any way to debunk their "strong evidence" of Jewish exiles being back in their homeland by 537 B.C.E? According to JWs the Jewish were to be in exile for 70 years, so by saying they were back home in 537, they say the destruction of Jerusalem and the beginning of their exile had to be in 607 B.C.E. So what proves they were home in 537? And is there any evidence against that claim?

    I want to know cause if I ever bring this up in conversation with my hardcore JW family, all they'll do is throw the Oct. 2011 issue in my face and say "shut up and read that".

  • zoiks

    It's not the claim of 537 that needs debunking. "Secular" historians and Watchtower "scholars" agree on a 539 date of Babylon's fall. The Jews being restored in 537 is not at issue. The exact same historical evidence that the WT accepts to prove 539 also shows 587 to be the date of Jerusalem's destruction. WT takes scriptures out of context to try to prove that somehow the 70 years applies only to Jerusalem's period of destruction.

    There are a few thread here that were started yesterday on this subject. Also, check the "Best of" sections on the site - one deals with chronology and there is a wealth of information.


    To know for sure we must stick to the dates 607 BC and 587 BC examine my posts related to the endtimes we living now.

    Let's assume we have the year 608 BC and 20 years later 588 BC or 606 BC and 20 years later 586 BC . Using my methods of biblical calculations and is extremely fascianting process of learning we get :

    588 BC as 5+8+8 = 21 .

    586 BC as 5+8+6 = 19 .

    587 BC as 5+8+7 = 20.

    Which dates we should use to take a 20 -year difference into account ? 607 BC - 587 BC = 20 years as 5+8+7 gives us a clue for 20 years .

    We must have these dates to come up with the endtime era :

    607 BC .. 20 years ... 587 BC ... 50 years ... 537 BC ... 20 years ... 517 BC ....

    70 years after 607 BC = 537 BC ; 70 years after 587 BC = 517 BC .

    By seeing a period of 50 years we can think about jubilee years .

    587 BC in our times must have a corresponding year 1934 AD . 607 BC = 1914 AD .

    537 BC = 1984 AD , 517 BC = 2004 AD , 2034 AD will be the next jubilee year after 1984 AD .

    1884 AD will be a jubileee year before 1934 AD.

    So by identifying the dates in the past we can use them to reconstruct the endtime era and we know a clue lies in identifying jubilee years if we want to come up with the endtime era .

    1884 AD ... 1934 AD .. 1984 AD .. 2034 AD and we insert 1914 AD for 607 BC and 2004 AD for 517 BC .

    1884 AD .. 1914 AD .. 1934 AD ... 1984 AD ... 2004 AD ... 2034 AD

    30 years 20 years 50 years 20 years 30 years.

    It shows the perfect time symmetry which in turn shows how perfect plans God has for mankind as we see how perfectly aligned are the dates .



  • Diest

    I cant wait till 2034 when I am freed from slavery and get my hereditary Jewish lands back.....The Jubilee will be awesome....thanks Obves

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Got your Koolaid ready for Sep 30th 2011 OBVES?

  • lepavoux

    The desolation of Palestine by the Babylonians took place 20 years before the destruction of Jerusalem, (587 BCE) herefore the captivity was 50 years, making a total of 70 years altogether.

    The best book on this subject is "The Gentile Times Reconsidered", you should be able to get it from"Commentary Press" Atlanta or "Amazon".

  • Farkel


    It's a darn good thing your religion depends upon the past to justify its present, because its present is pathetic. Then again, so is its past.

    That about says it all, pal.


  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    While you wait for expert rebuttal of the article, you might be interested in my first endeavour.


    Since I obviously put it together very quickly, I will appreciate all criticisms. omisions, etc.


  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    I had to correct a word in my brief Commentary.

    I am sure others will find more. Please let me know.


  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    From a post I made on another thread:

    From the article:

    But if the evidence from the inspired Scriptures clearly points to 607 B.C.E. for Jerusalem’s destruction, why do many authorities hold to the date 587 B.C.E.?

    For the past two years now, JW apologists have uniformly stated that the Bible "clearly" points to 607, and I have been asking them, "where?" They either: A - dodge the question, or B - give a long, convoluted explanation that clearly is not "clear".

    Remember two things:

    1 - There is not one single thing within the Bible that is pegged to some date B.C or A.D.

    2 - As long as you hold their feet to the fire regarding where the Bible "clearly" gives a date (any date for that matter), you won't be dragged into discussing irrelevant kings lists or clay tablets.

    If you can get them to state that they can prove the date using the Bible only, great! Whatever date they mention, ask them how they know it is that year. When they referrence a tablet or some such thing, remind them it is not the Bible and ask them why they have a Babylonish religion - which it must be if it all comes down to a Babylonian tablet upholding the Bible.

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