Oct public Wt article about 587/607

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  • sir82

    It is curious though, as to why they felt compelled to broach this subject. They haven't touched, or even hinted, at trying to "prove" the date was 607 for at leat 25 years. It just been stated as fact and left alone.

    Why now? Why such a big article, spread over 2 issues?

    It would seem awfully risky to just throw this out there, and virtually invite (the few remaining) JWs who have an open mind and an intellect to research the topic.

    There must be some reason why they are takiing this risk.

    Maybe word is getting to them, either via COs or S-77 forms (the disfellowshipping form), that lots of JWs are questioning the date?

    Maybe lots of persons with whom JWs are conducting Bible studies are questioning it, leading to JWs questioning elders and/or the branch?

    Surely they don't care that "apostates" don't believe them, nor secular authorities.

  • cantleave

    Sir82 - It was certainly one of the things we stressed when we were visited by the hounders just before being DF'd.

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