October 1st 2011 WT - Five Lies About God Exposed!

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    What I find striking is the similarity in thought with the above link from the life story of former Witnesses Jeff and Kathy Schwehm, "How many of you have ever been deceived? Has anyone ever lied to you? Has your parents, Pastor, or best friend ever lied to you? How did you feel? Were you devastated? Did you ask them why they had deceived you and were their explanations less than satisfactory?"

    Compare this to what is found in the opening article of this Watchtower, "FEW experiences hurt more than learning that someone you trust has lied to you. You might feel humiliated, angry, or even betrayed... You might hesitate even to consider the possibility that you have been lied to about God. What you know may have come from someone whom you trust and who would never intentionally hurt you—your parents, a priest, a pastor, or a close friend. You may have believed a certain teaching all your life."

    And what is interesting is that the last article in the magazine is " When Was Ancient Jerusalem Destroyed? PART ONE" And the whole 607 BCE teaching, upon which is of critical importance to the 1914 doctrine, was a lie I've believed almost all my life.

    Does anyone else find this odd or is it my imagination?

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