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  • me4jw

    To everyone needing to know the truth! I am so fortunate to have stumbled across this website, a website totally devoted towards the condemnation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Reading many of the posts, I can understand why there is such hatred poured out against them, mainly, because they separate themselves from the "so-called" Christians of the kingdom of Christendom. This website makes me aware that the Pharicees and the Sadducees are very much alive and well. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness myself, but I know a great many of them. I even studied with them while in the Marine Corps in North Carolina, Japan, Korea and here, in Pennsylvania. I must say, they are nothing like what I have read them to be here on the website. Like the woman who tried to use Matthew 23:25-27 as a valid point for not "keeping the congregation clean." She couldn't equate the importance even though the scriptures commands it. Or the young man who "feels totally free" since he left the organization, even though it made his mother truly sad. How sad! I only mentioned the one scripture above to reference a particular post, I won't use any others since they seem to make a difference to you. Instead, let me close by saying, anyone who cannot equate keeping the congregation clean with the God's new Kingdom, can never understand what truth really is. You've actually made up my mind for me, will it be world of Christendom or Jehovah's Witnesses? I can assure you, it won't be the churches of Christendom!

  • yourmomma

    LOL @ "I'm not a Jehovah's Witness myself"

    ok, and im richard nixon

  • Morbidzbaby
    I must say, they are nothing like what I have read them to be here on the website.

    The vast majority of us here were, at one point, either baptized or associate with Jehovah's Witnesses in some form. I assure you, if anyone knows the ins and outs of the organization and the TRUTH behind the fake smiles and false sincerity, it's US!

    The majority of the JW's teachings aren't Bible based, they take Jesus out of the equation and replace him with the Governing Body, which is NOT a Biblical institution. People die every day from refusing blood transfusions because they are brainwashed into believing that it's against God's commands. A world full of JWs?? NO THANK YOU! I'd rather die first.

  • El Nunya
    El Nunya

    This is not "a website totally devoted towards the condemnation of Jehovah's Witnesses." It is a site where you will hear the TRUTH about an organization that holds millions of people captives of a false concept. You will be shown how demonically manipulative the leadership is. Here you will find the wounded, the mangled, the lost, the hurt, the pain, the shed blood, the lies, the deception, the double speak,...in essence, the truth that the Watchtower Society doesn't want YOU to know. The JW Organization is condemned already. It's ONLY redemptive action isn't further manipulation, but would be to set the captives free. They, however, won't do that. The rank and file JW's are their avenue of revenue. Welcome to their club.

  • shechaiyah

    It's amazing to me that grown up adults let others ORDER THEM, what to think, whom to relate to, when to respond.

    It seems to me, each of us has spirit-contact with God Himself (YHVH), so why does any other human need to intervene?

    Nobody's going to tell me what to think. It ain't gonna happen.


  • undercover
    It's amazing to me that grown up adults let others ORDER THEM, what to think, whom to relate to, when to respond

    'tain't it though...

    But when somone is raised from birth or young child hood to never question and are never taught critical thinking skills, then when that person becomes an adult, they continue to think like a child and remain under the power of the person or group calling all the shots.

    It can be hard for someone who has never been there to relate to what it is like but it is a very real experience.

  • shechaiyah

    I understand, teaching Reasoning skills has its risks: people might actually reason themselves out of the group.

    But didn't Jesus say, one's enemies would be members of his/her own household?

    Didn't Jesus say to expect persecution?

    It's UNREASONABLE to expect everybody to toe the same line; that's what's unreasonable.

    The Law of physical existence is Diversity--NOT uniformity, NOT conformity, NOT thought-controls.

    God loves a cheerful giver.


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