Were You Ever Involved in A Judicial Committee Either As An Elder Or A "Sinner"?

by minimus 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • TotallyADD

    Yes as an elder. To many to count. Handle everything from simple fornication, beastiality or for me to get through it I called it puppy love to murder. Just as Dozy said some elders were very loving and kind others were useless and several were real assholes. There was only a few who I was responsible in their DF that really deserved it. They were really bad and I mean very bad people. The rest I always chose mercy. I always felt they needed help not kick out. Even though everytime a CO came into town he always wanted to know why we did not DF so and so. At the time I felt I was doing God's work. Keeping the congregation clean. Turth be told no elder in the JW cult is trained properly to make these serious decision. Since I woke up I look back and see how much harm I could of caused and probably did. I would not and will not do that ever again. I am glad I am out of the cult. Totally ADD

  • minimus

    I agree with you ADD. We thought we were doing the right thing but what damage did we cause in reality??

  • drewcoul

    I was involved in 2 JC's both as "sinner."

    The first, I got "Private Reproof." I never understood the scriptural basis for it because "Private reproof" and "Public reproof" are never found in the scriptures. I was Df'd the 2nd JC.

    Disfellowshipping is biblical, but it was not an "organizational" thing, as far as I can understand from reading the scriptures. It was for individuals to not be associating with "anyone called a brother" who was practicing an unchristian lifestyle. It didn't mean don't say "hi" or don't show love, it meant don't treat the person like you would any other Christian.

  • Girlie

    I was involved in one as "sinner". Was publicly reproved. Found it interesting considering I didn't show much of a remorseful attitude during it and wasn't too concerned which way it went. I was also fairly new and they knew that if they were to DF me, I would never come back. That's when I knew that "holy spirit" wasn't directing these JCs.

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