Were You Ever Involved in A Judicial Committee Either As An Elder Or A "Sinner"?

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  • dozy

    As an elder on a few occasions - usually immorality related ( affairs / kids fooling around. ) Usually confessions - open & shut cases - private reproofs. Some were a bit more complex - we had one where a couple had separated & the husband found out that his wife had slept with her previous husband during their marriage so it was escalated to a judicial committee to establish porneia & to discipline the sister (who was a "model pioneer" during all that time , often used on assembly demos & experiences).

    Some of the elders I worked with were good , others were pretty useless. You get the old style kindly elders and the power hungry jerks. Frankly , most elders (myself included) struggle with JCs as they don't normally deal with enough to become reasonably competent.

    Never dealt with apostate cases , though.

  • Magwitch

    As a sinner I was a NO-SHOW for 3 consecutive committee meetings. They finally got the point that I was not going to show up. They sent me 2 certified letters to tell me they decided to DF me. I would not sign for either. So they made the announcement and then called the PO in my parents’ hall to have him tell my dad to tell me that I was DF'ed.

  • minimus

    If disfellowshipping isn't capable of messing with a person's head, what is??

  • Berengaria

    Once as a sinner teen, bunch of salivating old men asking me what we did. If "he" touched my breasts. Who says that?? LOL it still cracks me up. "He" was an elders son in another congo, and my family was full of elders. I probably cried my eyes out, I can't really remember much of it. Nothing happened.

  • unshackled

    3 times as a "sinner"...booted on the 3rd. I would drunkenly cut parking meters in half with a pipe cutter. They didn't approve of my fight against "the man" Caesar.

  • NewChapter

    2 JC's both ended in private reproof. I don't have any horror stories though. They weren't overly nosy. Didn't ask any details once the issue was established. Even so, it was still awful. I do wish I had woke up then. I lived in constant fear of another JC and the invasion of privacy. Things are cool now. If I ever get the call, I'll let them play their little game without me.


  • Berengaria
    I would drunkenly cut parking meters in half with a pipe cutter.

    But you shore looked hot doing it!

  • minimus

    I can only imagine what it's like when an elder is on the other side and HE is the dreaded "sinner" in a JC case.


    Sat on JC's too many times to count. Thank goodness I never had a hand in DF'ing anyone.

  • minimus

    In the early 80s, the Organization wanted elders to err on the side of caution and DF "sinners" rather than take a chance in contaminating the clean congregation.

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