The Most Hateful Christian Group on Earth Today?

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  • Nickolas

    Dynamite download, VM44!

    I've converted the jpegs to a pdf file, downloadable here

  • clarity

    Sizemik, did one of your kids ever have a doll who's head swivelled right around?

    The doll had two faces .... one face hidden with a bonnet(hat).

    At any given time the face could be mindlessly smiling and then with a quick turn, scarily frowning!

    That's the frightening thing with jw's ........ they act 'mindlessly'.

    Someone else is directing their responses and thoughts. Pulling their strings!!

    As a jw, sometimes I really didn't know why I was acting or thinking the way that I did.

    The rank & file will be as hateful as the watchtower leaders direct them to be.

    If GB want that smiley face put on for the public eye .....done. If GB says to hate those apostates ..............HEADS WILL ROLL!


  • Quendi

    When Mother Teresa died in September 1997, I remember mourning her. The government of India was profoundly grateful for her years of service and charity work in that country. They paid her a signal honor by having her coffin taken to its resting place on the same gun carriage that had borne the remains of Gandhi and Nehru. I discussed her death with some Witnesses and mentioned that here was a woman who had earned her rest and would surely be remembered with favor and affection by God himself. The Witnesses I spoke to all agreed.

    I can't imagine anyone saying that about any of the presidents of the WTS or how any government would so honor them or any other Witness. The only exception that comes to my mind was the man named "Bible" Brown, who was genuinely loved and respected by the people and government of Nigeria during his time as a missionary there. Few Witnesses ever see themselves as part of the human family with obligations to their fellows. The religion teaches them that while participation in the field ministry should have the motive of love of God and neighbor, few Witnesses actually understand what that means. Their field ministry is perfunctory. You can tell that from the remarks they make about householders or others they encounter while out in the work.

    Sorry for the digression. To address the thread I would have to say that the Westboro Baptist Church has to be one of the most hated religious groups in America--more so than Jehovah's Witnesses. They spew hatred on every occasion. Their right to do so was recently upheld (reluctantly, I might add) by the Supreme Court of the United States. That ruling has only strengthened their resolve to spread their message; and while I wouldn't wish death upon their minister/leader, I would read his obituary with great satisfaction.


  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    I disagree with the "most hateful" label. When I think of someone who is hateful, I think of someone who practices hate in a calculated, puropseful way. When I look at how many JWs hold the "US vs. THEM" stance that punk mentioned above, I don't see them using calculated, purposeful hatred. Rather, I see them blindly following what their leadership tells them, as clarity pointed out. They think what they are doing is a protection. They think they are operating in love. They think that pushing people away will bring them closer to God. There is no malice there, just ignorance.

    Sizemik, you mentioned something that I want to get a clearer view on. Here is my understanding of how JWs handle disaster situations: They are directed to take care of only JWs first. Once all the JWs are accounted for and assisted, they will move on to preaching to others in the affected area but not providing any real material assistance to non-believers.

    I hope I'm wrong about this. I have been told by some people that my view is incorrect and that JWs are also told to go out into affected communities to provide material assistance to non-believers by providing shelter, water, food, etc. This is, of course, after fellow JWs are taken care of first. Still, I'm told they have an organized plan for helping non-JWs.

    Which is true? Please provide evidence either from Watchtower materials, news articles, or, personal experience.

  • jay88

    Still, I'm told they have an organized plan for helping non-JWs.

  • Violia

    I recall after 9-11 jws saying among themselves" oh well they were going to die at Armageddon anyway." I said those were our fellow Americans and human beings, how can you say that? Most had no comeback to that, just shrugged their shoulders, "who cares". Only they ( jws) are important. disgraceful

    There are some Pentecostal and Church of Christ and similar religions that give Jws a run for the money, but still jws come in tops b/c of the blood doctrine.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Boy, I gotta say the events and practices surrounding the Spanish Inquisition were pretty hateful. You really gotta hate somebody to put their eyes out with hot pokers, etc.

    In recent times, I have to add another vote to the Westboro Baptist Church. It has been suggested, however, that their tactics are more intended to spark lawsuits so that they can make money on the grounds that their civil rights have been violated. Fred Phelps and most of his "family" are civil rights attorneys. A sick way to make a buck, but effective.

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    Christian Identity groups deserve a mention, they believe Europeans are the lost tribe of Israel, and the beasts spoken of in the Bible were the darker skinned races, and the Jews are Satan's seed. Aryan Nations is probably the more popular of their movements. Some might remember The Order, who killed a Jewish radio personality and robbed numerous banks during the 80's, they were influenced by Christian Identity groups. David Duke is an adherent to Christian Identity. Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge fame was gun running for Aryan Nations and other white sepratist and anti-goverment groups. Timothy McVeigh was another believer.

  • NewChapter

    Personally, I find the Christian Right in the US to be the most hateful. JW's tend to mind their own business and don't get involved in politics. These people are trying to take over the country and legislate their hate. That's why I choose them as the most hateful.

    Think Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry. Scary people.


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