The Most Hateful Christian Group on Earth Today?

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  • sizemik

    I'm very hesitant about starting this thread . . . because I don't want to judge anyone or inspire hatred myself. Also, I believe I'm past the anger/bitterness thing well and truly.

    So I'm asking this question not out of emotion . . . but as a genuine question.

    Here's why . . .

    Jehovah's Witnesses are very seperatist by virtue of their doctrines and beliefs . . . we all know that. And that seperation has the obvious implications ie; 7 billion people will die soon because they refuse to worship "Jehovah". Also, the world in general is a Satan-controlled bed of iniquity and godlessness and fully deserving of it's fate. That's true for JW's right?

    So what does that view of the world engender?

    Well . . . Anyone who leaves the religion for whatever reason is despised, shunned and often slandered . . . even hated.

    Also, . . . Suffering in the world is seen as the fault of man alienated from God, so therefore any sorrow for those who are suffering is dulled. Children die a horrible death in Africa and the JW sees this first and foremost as "fulfillment of prophecy" . . . foretold, and inevitable. Sadness for their plight is severely mitigated . . . even absent.

    180 people died in this city recently from an earthquake. A couple were known to me. One was a Doctor who left behind a middle-aged wife and three young children. He was the kindest, caring, most gentle and principled man you could hope to meet. But an earthquake is just another sign of the end . . . something to feel good about . . . the end is getting close right?

    An earthquake occurs in Japan . . . JW's must check to see if "the brothers" are OK . . . but what of the others? . . . the 70 year old man who was prepared to work on the nuclear plant, in the place of a younger man? Is there greater love? But once again . . . to JW's it's simply a sign the end is close . . . praise Jah for that!

    The same can be said for all manner of things . . . natural disasters, victims of crime, debilitating diseases, poverty. It's all just a sign of the last days . . . and JW's seem indifferent to it. They don't mind seeing it actually increase.

    They show an indifferent attitude even to those within their ranks . . . the disabled, the mentally ill, the shy and reserved, those in need.

    This hating of some, and indifference to anyone suffering outside and inside the religion . . . just seems to fly in the face of everything Jesus Christ symbolised and represented.

    Now . . . I know that many JW's are good-hearted people at their core and are very loving most of the time . . . but this religion just seems to snuff out any natural affection for fellow humans. Does anybody see what I'm saying?

    When I look at most other Christian religions, certainly mainstream examples, I see groups with a keen social conscience. Often they work hard to provide for the disadvantaged, the impoverished, the downtrodden, the grieving. I think of the Sallies, CCF, and all kinds of other Christian support services that serve the community voluntarily, providing health care, schools, hospitals and hospices, emergency services, retirement homes etc etc. . . . for people they don't even know . . . unconditionally. They just seem to reflect more readily the principle to "Love your neighbour as yourself"

    It's not a judgement on the individuals within . . . but is the Jehovah's Witness religion, by virtue of their beliefs, doctrine and outlook, the most hateful Christian religion on earth today?

    Am I off-beam on this? What do you think?

  • Tralfamadorian

    Actually, I'd have to go with the Westboro Baptist Church. Of course they're not an organized religion in the sense that the Witnesses, Catholic and Mormons are. Historically, I'd have to say the Catholics have been the most hateful, if not in doctrine, then in practice over the past 2 milleniums.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I don't differentiate. I wouldn't even include the word Christian if I asked this question.

    If a group is selling hate, what difference does 'how much' or 'which variety' make?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    There used to be a doco out there of an Aussie Bretheren group that would give the Dubs a run for their money in the 'nasty' dept.

    I might even have a copy stashed somewhere.

  • ProdigalSon

    It comes from a complete misunderstanding about the origin and destiny of souls, who we are, and what we're supposed to be doing here. Christians in general are under this delusion, but as you point out sizemik, JW theology takes Fundamentalism to the extreme. Give them some credit for non-violence, but emotional abuse or indifference can be just as bad as physical. Christianity in this regard can learn a lot from the Eastern religions, but of course to them, they're all Satanic.


  • VM44


    By Stanley High

    The Saturday Evening Post, September 14, 1940

    Jehovah's Witnesses Make Hate a Religion

    Link to article:

  • sizemik
    There used to be a doco out there of an Aussie Bretheren group

    Yeah Chris . . . the ones in NZ are a bit ripe as well. Govt MP Nick Smith had a crack at them about ten years ago. (still googable)

    The reason I included the "Christian" label is simply because it's what they choose to fly as . . . and carries some general definition by which the standard they achieve is measured. I mean . . . you expect a bit of hate from the neo-nazis and skinheads. But christianity has a recognisable and universal connotation.

  • punkofnice

    It has been noted on other threads that JW's see it as US vs: THEM.

    This is something that I struggled with when 'in'. I had some really loving 'worldly' friends who showed more love than my JW friends (Who would dob me in at a moments notice if made a 'mistake').

    This made it very difficult for me to get close to them. I think in honesty, I grew up in the JW cancer aloof from relationships, aloof from people. I wasn't allowed 'worldly' friends growing up and as there wasn't anyone of my age in the congregation I was basically alone. Hence I learned a musical instrument or 3, self taught. I drew pictures, did paintings and read books. I was alone and aloof! THANK YOU WTB$!! NOT!!!!

    We were taught to 'hate what is bad', so add that to US vs: THEM and the whole world around me was knackered! I either loved or hated. No inbetween. That was increased by the rabid anti 'world and religion' rants from the pratform at the kingdum hell and the manic hate sessions at the A$$€m ? £¥.

    Now I'm out I can actually get close to my 'worldly' friends that have waited so long for me to wake up.

    The old cong on the other hand treat me with suspicion and shunning. TW0TS!

    "Jesus encouraged his followers to love their enemies, but God's Word also says to "hate what is bad." When a person persists in a way of badness after knowing what is right, when the bad becomes so ingrained that it is an inseparable part of his make-up, then in order to hate what is bad a Christian must hate the person with whom the badness is inseparably linked." Watchtower 1961 Jul 15 p.420

  • sir82

    JWs have no monopoly on mixing hatred & religion.

    As mentioned, the WBC is particularly nasty.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I agree, being a born in JW's were the only the religion I ever knew, I was taught that I was lucky fortunate to have been bron into the "truth."

    It was not until I truly opened my eyes and understood all the religion meant and stood for. Once we were at a restaurant and there was this really cute family sitting close to us. I looked at my husband and said too bad Jehovah is going to kill them. I totally took my husband by surprise and he looked blankly at me. I said well if this system's ends tomorrow as we are taught to believe and since they are not JW's Jehovah is going to kill them. Now this couple had three really cute kids that were so happy and full of life. My husband said Jehovah would not kill them. I said yes he will from what we believe. My husband told me Jehovah will give them a chance to know his truth. I said he already has and they probably did not want it. How do we know if last Saturday they were not called on in field service and they slammed the door in the Witnesses face. Now they are as good as dead.

    I totally made my husband mad. He just kept saying Jehovah was not like that. I said that is what we hear at every meetings. You cannot not have it both ways.

    Every time something bad happens in the world everyone in all the congregations I went to were so happy and excited, no one ever thought of those who were suffering unless it was fellow JW's.

    To me you nailed it and it is a very hateful religion, granted there are other hateful religions out there too but I truly feel JW's are one of the top ones, only they try to hide it well.


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