Anyone up for a southern Arizona Heat-Fest??

by Kudra 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • Kudra

    -Bring your guns

    -No illegals

    Hee hee just yankin yer chain.

    But seriously, it is hot as a mofo but as awesome as ever here in the Sonoran Desert. I love even the summers in Tucson. The nights are beautiful and there are a lot of things going on...

    So -beers, coffee, music, a meal...?

    Let me know!

    Sometime over the next few weeks...!

  • Gayle

    Wonderful,, I am in Phoenix,,I will try to make it,,keep me posted.

  • Kudra


    Even if we all met up in Phoenix that would be fine. I think there may be more of us there...

    I haven't been out and about in Phoenix at all.

  • Kudra

    BTTT for the 10:36 am PST folks...


  • Kudra

    Mm hm.

    BTTT for the 2:48pm crowd.

  • dissed

    I'm interested.....but live in Flagstaff, where its cool right now....I'm moving to Phoenix in September for the winter. Yeah, its early for winter, I know. But that little magnet thingy in my brain that draws and directs me south for the winter hasn't been working right lately. But I'm always interested in good food, good beer, and good friends. So, keep me posted...

  • dissed

    I just checked with the wifey...And if you want to have it in Phoenix at our home, she would be more than okay to host it. (as long as you bring your own toilet paper, of course)

  • WontLeave

    As long as you have shower curtains, I won't need toilet paper.

  • Dagney

    When??? I might pop over. xx

  • Kudra

    Hey all,

    I thought I'd leave this up for a few days and we can see who is interested and how far they'd travel and they we can decide where we want to have it -Tucson, Phoenix etc...

    Are Shopaholic and Misanthropic out there?? :)

    I'm sort of voting for Phoenix -I haven't been to a nice place to eat/drink there ever. But of course, there are wonderful places here in Tucson that we can go too.

    If you guys are available can you say which weekends would be best for you?

    August 6 + 7


    August 13 + 14

    The 6/7th works best for me but I can still do the 13/14th


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