Are you enjoying your REST? Well, the Governing Body SAID you would!

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  • punkofnice

    Are you enjoying your REST? Well, the Governing Body SAID you would!

    It is logical to conclude that many had the expectaion that the GB told the truth for once. Evidently, this comes under 'mistakes' that the GB didn't make but everyone else did. Likely, all of Christendom are doomed. It behooves us to obey the GB and do more or Jar Hoover will murder you SOON (terms and conditions apply and are subject to 'overlapping')

  • WTWizard

    I remember what happened in 1975, and I am sure many others have had similar experiences in different years. Families break up for various reasons, and people have grandfathers end up in the hospital all the time. I had to move in with my grandparents during that year--nothing earth shattering, especially looking at others that move in with grandparents all the time.

    Looking past my personal situation, I saw nothing. The economy was in shambles, inflation was an issue, and we docked with Russia in space. The Mars Viking program was in progress during that year (it landed in 1976). But, that year was generally no more significant than any other. For the record, the Dow was around 620 in January, and climbed toward 1,000 in December (no stock market crash).

    Then, 1976 came along. Nothing significant changed. The stock market peaked and started settling down, Viking landed on Mars, and gas prices eased a bit. Trivial things--another 35 years came, and now we are still waiting. During that "rest(??)", we have seen inflation in the US exceeding 10% in the early 1980s, a major recession, two space shuttles blow up, an uptick in people becoming Jehovah's Witlesses, several heat waves (1988 and 1995, in particular) that were as bad as the recent one, a few snowstorms, taxes going up, Osama Obama being elected president, a "terror attack" that may well have been an inside job on 9/11/2001, gas at 4 toilet papers a gallon twice, two major wars in the middle east that never seem to end, two major famines in Ethiopia (1984-85, and now), and the United States becoming the United Tyranny of America.

    And, worse is threatening. The debt ceiling needs to be addressed. Either they will raise it (hello, hyperinflation) or not (the Social Security toilet papers, Welfare toilet papers, disability toilet papers, and military pension toilet papers not arriving, bank problems, bailouts, and hyperinflation anyways). We have an EPA instigated fake energy crisis--they will not allow drilling for oil in the United Tyranny of America, and other countries are going to gouge us for it). We have S-510 and S-3767 signed into law, which contains 2,000 pages of crap that will ensnare many people. We have Osama ObamaCare, another 2,000 page monster with many traps including section 9006, with the form 1099s required for transactions exceeding 600 toilet papers per calendar year. Agenda 21 is being pushed, and a deluxe version that is even worse will probably surface.

    Is this "rest"?

  • Terry

    My favorite JW question: WHY did Jehovah's Holy Spirit direct His organization to waste 1968-1975 preparing people all over the world for an event

    of great significance that NEVER HAPPENED?

    Oh, wait! I guess it wasn't the Holy Spirit at all and God's Organization isn't Jehovah's Witnesses!

  • ziddina
    "Mount St. Helens Erupts..."

    Mt. St. Helens erupted in May of 1980...

  • punkofnice

    I enjoy my rest now. No Saturday morning field misery and no Sunday morning Kingdumb Hell!

  • thetrueone

    The spiritual food provided by the WTS leaders was nothing but marketing strategy for their published literature.

    There was a long list of bullshit propaganda to support the circulation of that literature as its clearly known today.

  • Honesty

    My oldest son was conceived in January and brought forth in October 1975.

    He studied with the JW's but decided it was bullsh*t so he never got dunked.

  • Bella15

    My fiance was born in 1975 ...

  • orangefatcat

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