in the uk it is illegal to smack children so do children in the kingdom hall still get smacked ?

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  • NomadSoul

    What's considered a smack?

  • looloo

    oh i must be mistaken then but i thought it was made illegal recently , i do remember jw kids getting took out for a smack when i attended meetings in 1990s but i never smacked mine .

  • nugget

    It is not illegal to smack children in the Uk. What is not permitted is to smack and leave a mark . This does not prevent children being smacked in the hall. A quick smack on the leg is common. If parents wish to chastise further they take them to one of the ante rooms and what happens there is up to them I suspect children are smacked there but probably not as aggressively as was common in the 60's and 70's.


    I was thrashed by my parents. At home, in the Kingdom hall and even in the field ministry. One householder who observed this display of violence told my father that he didn't want to hear a single world of anything he had to say. My mother was the worse by far.

    It didn't do me any harm. I grew up into a fine young gladiator, to the glory of Caesar.

  • myohorengekyo

    When i was at school in England we had the cane for teenagers.

    On a programme iam watching on culture channel the woman of a African tribe are whipped by the men and left with terrible scars.

    Thankfully in England attitudes to both smacking and shouting at your children are changing and i beleive this change is reflective with young witness parents.


  • punkofnice

    Yeah, they still got slapped here in the UK up until the time I left.

    Sometimes you were just waitng for it because you knew who was going to hit their kids. Youd see red marks on the kids legs when they came back into the main hall.

    I think it stinks. Kids shouldn't be forced to sit quiet for 2 hours listening to mind numbing filth. shouldn't be forced to answer during the indoctrination sessions nor forced to spout WTB$ propaganda.

    Children are still being hurt because of 7 power tripping delusional scam artists in Brooklyn want to be worshipped and take your cash.

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