Favourite Muffin Recipe??

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  • clarity

    OK my bad!

    Another day begins. Another batch to try. More frisbies in the making I fear!



  • NewChapter

    I'd also like to add that if your baking soda gets old, it won't rise as well. So if you ever notice a sudden change in a well-known recipe, check the date.


  • talesin

    Yes! @ NC

    I forget to do that, must check cupboard ... tx :)

    oh yeah, and remove the top from the old box, and put it in your fridge; it will absorb odours.


  • Emma

    I've started posting recipies to a blog but have never given the info out. There are a few muffin recipes here; they're all gluten-free but you can just substitute regular flour in any of them. I hope to post more soon.



  • blondie

    I don't at what altitude you live, but if it up there, it can affect how things rise when baking.

    High-altitude baking

    Most sea-level recipes work up to around 3,000 feet, but above that, they need the following adjustments. Keep in mind that every recipe is different and any or all of these adjustments may be required. Keep notes of how you adjust recipes until you know what works best for your particular location.

    6,000 feet

    7,000+ feet

    For each teaspoon, reduce baking powder

    1/2-1/4 tsp

    1/4 tsp

    For each cup, reduce sugar

    up to 2 tbsp

    1-3 tbsp

    For each cup, increase liquid

    2-4 tbsp

    3-4 tbsp


  • talesin

    Emma, there's some yummy stuff there.

    Do you know any recipes using nut flour? Anything, really. So far, I've found that and potato flour are my 2 options.

    Thanks. :)

    Oh, hey, Blondie? Anything ? Thanks. :)


  • Emma

    Talesin, have you tried quinoa and sorghum flour? You could use nut flours in these recipes, not sure of the ratio to potato flour. I'll keep thinking.

  • talesin

    Yes, and no, can't use them. I will try the recipe for savoury tart,,, looks very yummy! Tx ,, yes, expectations for potato flour are low, it is quite gluey, and the starch is more like corn flour for gravy, but I know the nut flour is more versatile.


  • SixofNine

    Sheesh, girls.

    This thread is just one running double entendre, right?

    ::takes notes::

  • Berengaria

    I KNEW when I saw your name here it was gonna be this kind of post!!

    BP: I'm looking for a really tasty, easy to make, muffin recipe. Do you have a favourite?

    SixOLette: Yea the tasty muffins at the bar always falls for my etchings line.

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