Update: I got the shun at my dad's funeral- the best outcome really!!

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  • TweetieBird

    I, too am so sorry for your loss. Jesus said that you will know his people by the love they show...hmmm! When my dad died (he was disassociated at the time of his death) and I was still a witless, nobody in my congregation said anything to me. That was the beginning of the end for me.

  • jamiebowers

    What a beautiful poem, and what a bunch of gaping assholes who were offended by it! So sorry for your loss, dear girl.

  • talesin

    That's a beautiful poem, CHG.

    I bet your dad would be proud of the way you've dealt with this. Hold that to your heart, along with all the weekends you went to visit and walk the dog.

    Like you said (and one of MY favorite expressions) *F**k 'em if they can't take a joke!" Your idea for engraving the poem on a piece of wood is excellent.

    Rest easy in the knowledge that YOU did the right thing. And you have the loving support of your partner to help you through ... my parents are both still living, but old, so I haven't gone through this,,, but I know from friends that you will always miss him. In time, though, the happy memories will melt most of the sadness away.

    Will be thinking of you.


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I'm so sorry none of your other relatives were able to show natural affection towards you. But you did the right thing and acted with dignity (I know how hard it is as my JW dad died 2 yrs ago and I had to step into a KH for the first time in 10 yrs).

    Remember him in your own way, it will help you with your grieving and will help you move on with your life.

  • discreetslave

    JW BS is over.

    Continue to honor your dad.

    How is your brother doing with all this?

    I'm wishing you guys the best.

  • nugget

    I am glad that is over for you. You did well and were there for your Mum and out of respect for your Dad. I am glad that they didn't bug you about anything else and I think you did the right thing not to attend the wake. After all this may have given them an excuse to approach you and at a time of grief it isn't a good thing to be stuck in a room with people judging you.

    I think the poem is beautiful and so appropriate and there is nothing offensive about it at all. Hugs to you at this tough time.

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Thank you everyone for your well wishes, they made me smile this morning- this is the first morning I havent cried since this all happened....things are slowly getting better I know I still have a process to go thru...but all your love and genuine support is appreciated

    Oct Prince- loved your poem....made me laugh, you r clever

    How is my brother doing Discreetslave asks? Thanks for asking, he seems to be doing better also- He left the "truth" when I was about 5 or 6...so he has been out of it much longer than I. He didn't remember what JW funerals were like, as soon as we got out of the door he said "it was nothing but a f*cking sunday sermon!"

    Have a great monday JWN


  • trebor

    Coffee House Girl,

    My sincere condolences regarding the loss of your father; may you find peace and tranquility.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Lovely poem. People can find offence in whatever they choose, personally I find JWs offensive.

    Your dad would have been proud of you. x

  • flipper

    TOTALLY ADD- I'm glad you survived the memorial. It sounds like the typical JW marketing schemes were employed. I'm so sorry your JW sister, brother-in-law, nieces, and cousins did not speak to you. That is awful, barbaric behavior on their part. I'm glad you had non-JW relatives to show love and support to you. And your aunt and brother. All mind control cults take away, or should I say - steal away - the natural empathetic personalities of our JW relatives. I receive similar treatment from a good number of my JW relatives as well.

    You handled it great ! Big hugs from my wife & I to you my friend ! I'm sure you and your brother have and will remember and commemorate your dad's loving times with you as time goes on in a more loving way aside from the JW influence. Hang in there friend. Peace out, Mr.Flipper

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