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  • Dudu

    Thank you Hellen , and yes now that you mention it, i am lucky i didnt get married with one of those "spiritual" boys who doesnt know how to support a family, and have no clue how to please a woman in bed :P

  • sizemik

    Welcome aboard Dudu . . .

    Wow . . . you've got a great guy, an exciting new business venture, and you're still young . . . put the JW's behind you and enjoy your life. Don't be too worried about getting Mum to understand . . . once she get's use to the idea and the emotions cool, then she might listen to the reasons why. She has other children (siblings) that are non-JW? . . . and is inactive herself? . . . there doesn't need to be any drama.

    All the best to you.

  • Quandry


    Living your life the way you choose doesn't mean you have to go off the deep end and choose drugs or get into dangerous situations. It is wonderful that you have spent your time caring for people. Many people have chosen jobs in the field of health care, fireman, police, etc. that are of service to others.

    It sounds like you have definite goals associated with starting a new business. That, coupled with moving to your own place, should keep you very busy.

    In time, perhaps your mom will see that you are pursuing worthwhile goals. Since you are the youngest, and the only baptised one of her children, she feels very protective of you-and yes, in a JW way. Hopefully she will feel more at ease soon as she sees that you are making wise decisions and advancing in your new business.

  • Dudu

    My mom thinks my desicions are because of this guy .... which is wrong. But as sizemilk said, is about time and she getting use to the idea of im not part of JW anymore, i wont try to make her understand my reasons for now, it is too soon. I am very happy about all my projects and I am moving this week !!!! :) I will start working August 1st coz school start for the kids the third week of August.... This process has been way easier because of this website and now i understand why the GB is so scared about this type of sites.... Thanks to all for the welcoming ! And as quandry said is not like im going to be a drug dealer or a prostitute now, is only about living up to what i really think and feel !!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Don't live your life to please your parents. I tried that 100%... and they still weren't really "pleased". The WT message is always to do more. I was a model Bethel guy gettying by on antidepressants and alcohol.

    Now, my parents certainly aren't "pleased," but I'm much happier. So any efforts to guilt me into coming back are, well, a joke.

  • Dudu

    Yeah Billy I found myself in that position for so many years!!! And now my eyes are open.... Im happier, im more ME. I know some single bethelist in their 40 s and never married with that alcohol and antidepressants situation. I am glad you are doing good now :)

  • NewChapter

    So Dudu---2 months later. How is it going?


  • Dudu

    well, i moved to a new apartment , and my business is growing :) mom is taking things a lil bit better .... life with its ups and downs is way better than the bubble i was living in :)

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