My friend and mentor has published his first novel ... at 84 years young!

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  • eva luna
    eva luna

    Looks like a good summer read CoCo.

    Mr. Hayes has led unique and adventurous life, which I imagine, will add extra depth to this story.

    I must say, I sure hope I am still creating at 84 years young. He is an inspiration.

    Congratulations to Mr. Hayes.

  • discreetslave


    Another testimony to the marvels of the human mind. At 33 I can barely remember what I ate the day before. This inspires me not to give up on my brain.

  • chickpea

    individuals such as your good friend AG
    inspire and lead me to believe that the
    best years are yet to come!

    hearty congratulations for his becoming published!

    glad you have such a splendid influence in your life, dear coco!

    have a great sunday!

  • talesin

    Oh, and lucky you, CoCo, to have a mentor and such a friend.

    Congratulations, Mr. Hayes, on your book!

    You are an inspiration, and a reminder to us all that art will prevail.


  • NewChapter

    Coco---I found the book on Amazon and read the sample. It looks really engaging and it is in my basket. I will probably order it later today. I would be a FOOL not to pick apart the work of a writer with 60 years experience. Bring him over hear so we can delve into his brain. LOL

    This is so exciting!


  • nugget

    What brilliant news , thank you for posting it is always a lift to read about positive things.

  • zoiks

    Looks like a good read

    Congrats Mr. Hayes!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Many thanks, dear friends. !

    We're looking forward to more replies though I am sending this to Mr. Hayes now.

    You guys and gals are great!



  • The Quiet One
  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Please pass on my congratulations to Mr. Hayes. I can only hope that my brain will be even half as sharp as his in 50 years time!

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