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  • clarity

    Couldn't help myself ... maybe the devil made me do it!

    There I was shopping, noticed three young men with backpacks...Guatemalan, maybe early twenties. Seemed very out of place and nervous.

    After about a 1/2 an hour I looked up ......and right there in the aisle where they were ... was a jw ... pushing and I mean pushing the 'image' tract and some books onto these boys.

    You'd think they could understand every word the jdub was saying, 'cause he just carried on with his sermon. He took down some notes and went off in a corner. lol

    So there they stood looking at one another and at the littercrap in their hands with very puzzled looks on their faces. Poor guys.

    I cut across the aisle and as I passed by I nodded to the lit and said "jehovah's witnesses??" Huh, they said shrugging their shoulders.

    Do you speak english? More shrugging. INTERNET?, I said as their eyes brightened.


    Oh...goggle. Big smiles now.

    Shaking my head and touching the tract I said, not good ....then I said, GOGGLE smiling and nodding.

    Three boys smiling and nodding. What could you do.

    I wonder if there is more than a bit of a "recruitment" going on with the immigrants coming into the US and Canada. Young men would certainly be a "catch".

    Central American Numbers

    "By the end of the 1980s, Salvadorans were the largest group of Central Americans — legal and undocumented — in Canada. In 1987, there were 22,283 Salvadorans living legally in Canada, and thousands more were believed to be working in the underground economy (see Table 1). Most were young, single males."

    What do you think???

    What else could I have done to unwitness, without blowing my cover, that is?


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    It's possible the boys had no idea what you were trying to tell them either, lol.

    I love travelling, you get so many amazing experiences and meet interesting people. I've done unwitnessing while travelling myself. Also with a non-native speaker of English but you hope the message gets through to them.

  • talesin

    You could have looked shocked and alarmed,,, pointed at the tract, and said "El Diablo .. si si" then make the sign of the cross .. that probably woulda scared the bejeebus out of them.


  • partydelights

    Today my wife and I brought an elder in my Church to visit a JW widow. Was warmly received and after about an hour of "unwitnessing", she walked us off with her hand-carry infant until the main road. Pray for us (please remain Christians OK, for those who become atheist and agnostics) that our effort to bring the entire family out of WT be fruitful.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    LOL @ Talesin's idea

  • sinis

    The only thing I am taking from this post is the affirmation that we need SERIOUS border protection and a microwave wall barrier.

  • rebel8


    Things have progressed so far that just one mispronounced word can prevent the ruination of 3 lives.

  • ziddina

    I LOVE stories like this!!

    Good for you, Clarity!! Tho there was a language barrier, they apparently understood the word "Google" - and how to use it! I think you just undid another cult recruitment effort!!

  • hubert

    I think you did a fantastic job ! I don't think anyone could have done better.


  • clarity

    Thanks all of you, maybe I should learn a few "warning " words ..just in case! haha

    Diablo si si .. that would have been good. lol

    Goggle is pretty universal but they might have thought I was saying.. gurgle gurgle and thought how hungry they were!!! lol

    Thanks for all the encouragement


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