Great Tribulation: Thank God It's Not true

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I used to have a recurring nightmare that my wife and daughter were being attacked in their bedrooms. I was in the living room fighting off one enemy after another. I could hear their screams but the ones I was fighting kept me engaged. I couldn't get to the hallway, let alone down the hall to the bedrooms. I couldn't help them. Eventually, after fighting dozens of enemies, their bodies piling up in my living room, the screaming from the bedrooms would stop and I would wake up with my heart pounding and a painful sense of helplessness and loss.

    Since I was a kid I had learned (thanks to a library book I forget the name) how to sort of control my dreams by facing whatever boogey man was in there and defeating it/him. This recurring nightmare I had as an adult was especially difficult because while I could still defend myself against the people attacking my house (they were always in black, covered head to toe like ninjas) I could do nothing at all for the ones I love.

    I no longer have that nightmare. Haven't had it once since my wife and daughter have accompanied me in leaving the Borg.

  • Red Piller
    Red Piller

    LWT: Unfortunately, I am still in. But all in due time....It's funny I never feared Armageddon. I figured that even if I displeased God, it'd be over quick. But real-life atrocities, holocausts and wars fed my fear about what the GT would be like. I agree, it's such a relief to not think about this anymore.

    Mad Sweeney - I think it's true, also. The constant control and fear-mongering causes your psyche to be in constant fight-or-flight mode. It so harmful and it manifests itself in many ways. I had the occasional panic attack. And right before "awakening," they were happening on the platform. This was odd, since I was always admired for being so at ease in front of the congregation.

  • Larsinger58

    There are two "great tribulations": one before the 2nd coming and one after. The final one, of course, leads into Armageddon. The first one, which was "cut short" because of the holy ones, and that is completely over before the 2nd coming was the HOLOCAUST. The "holy ones" are Jews and JWs. Matthew 24:29, something the WTS clearly doesn't understand: "Immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days... the sign of the son of man will appear in heaven..." Thus the first "great tribulation" is totally over before the 2nd coming occurs. Of course, the "great tribulation" connected to Armageddon does not occur until after Christ arrives and his angels have sealed all the elect. But since we're dealing with fear factors here, it appears the final "great tribulation" will be triggered by the death of "Babylon the Great" at the hands of the U.N. and thus suggests the context of a global ecomomic meltdown that gets blamed on international banking, which is a part of BTG. Of course, the world economy has already crashed once lately, only being saved by big bail-out emergency funds. So the idea of economic insolvency, even of the U.S. is already a reality. Of note though, apparently after this economic global crisis U.N. rule will attain some degree of "peace and security" after which Armageddon will ensue. Armageddon will eliminate the worldly governments by killing off the people who are loyal to them. The context reflects lots of dead bodies eating by birds, so it may be like when the Israelites left Egypt and Jehovah's angel killed all the firstborn males of Egypt. That is, people will be dropping dead if not at the hands of their companion, which is God will cause. So that is somewhat stressful as well. What will likely NOT occur, is the concept that Jehovah will use destructive natural forces like massive earthquakes and hurricanes, etc. to destroy the wicked. To the contrary, the survivors of Armageddon are said to inherit the world as part of the "spoils." Why destroy the the world's wealth and infrastructure along with the people so that the survivors inherit a pseudo post-nuclear world, where everything has to be rebuilt? Why not just kill off the people? Governments do not exist in buildings, it exists in the minds of the people. Thus the context of lots of dead bodies whose flesh will be eaten by the birds and not so much the thunder and lightning and earthquakes the WTS represents as Armageddon. So in other words, the day after Armageddon is over, there will be a big shopping day when the survivors will rush the malls and grab whatever they want for free! It will be a happy time. Not a few survivors poking their heads out from underneath the rubble of destroyed cities, etc. Instead, we will be choosing our fine new homes from the nicest, now empty neighborhoods! That's not to say Armageddon and the economic pressures preceding it will not be quite stressful--it certainly will be. There might be a rush on food, so having money will not be an issue. The "days were cut short" for the first great tribulation, which was the HOLOCAUST, because the prophesied 2/3rds of the Jews that were to exterminated was attained by the Nazis by late 1944 (Zech 13:8). The period of tribulation was to be 1 week, or 7 years from 1940-1947. Apparently the post-advent tribulation may parallel the first by being shortened. The timing from the destruction of BTG, the fourth beast, until the nations are destroyed is "a time and a season" or 15 months. So perhaps the economic severity or disruption of food sources would be too severe over that period of time so the GT and Armageddon have to be cut short to a period less than 15 months overall. At any rate, it will not be a piece of cake by any means. So some anxiety in anticipation is natural and warranted. It will be a time of stress and a test of our endurance and survival skills. But it will not be about dodging lightning bolts or lava flows or floods as the WTS depicts. In the meantime, it can start at any time because we are indeed on the verge of a global economic crisis, are we not? LS

  • sabastious
    Within 1600 years from the fall of Adam and Eve, and the Satanic demon rebellion, the world of wickedness required termination, the end.

    Why? Direct Demonic Relationship with Fallen Human Beings

    Can you please explain, in detail, how this spirit/human copulation, and more importantly subsequent conception, took place? Diagrams are a plus.


  • visitor 525
  • Kudra

    The title of this thread made me LOL.

  • james_woods

    20571, I truly think that comment is by far the most outrageous thing I have ever read here on JWN on the subject of unnatural human sex.

    What it has to do with the great tribulation is totally beyond my grasp, however.

    So, I must sadly call it to be OFF TOPIC.

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    This is something that I always feared too. The bible would say things like it "no flesh would survive" and I would think of what the Holocaust victims endured. Or the Christians being fed to lions or burned alive and I admit that I was frightened. I'm glad that I got over that nonsense. Now I'm embarrassed for having believed it.

    On a side note, an idiot CO said something interesting one time. He said that when you look at places where JWs are visciously persecuted like China, Middle East, Korea, Africa, etc. it could be that these JWs are already experiencing the Great Tribulation. Perhaps it just hasn't reached us yet. I thought to myself, "What an odd thing to say."

  • Red Piller
    Red Piller

    Kudra - you caught my humor, thanks!

    Thanks for the replies all. When I say the GT is not true, I meant what we were taught about this scripture from the WT. And Falcon, I agree, I've met some who have made the same comment.

  • Red Piller
    Red Piller

    Also, when I was a believer, years ago - I mentioned the GT to a missionary. I said that it seemed that JW's in other countries have already experienced it. His comment was: "this country (USA) needs a prolonged period of intense persecution." Even, then, I thought that comment was so twisted. So, to drum up the zeal a little bit, why not have a few brothers and sisters killed, right? Makes sense to me....

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