Space Shuttle, NASA, and The NAZI SS.

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  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    That one researcher makes a major break-through (in this case, Goddard's liquid fuelled rocket engine) - then somebody else vastly improves on it - is nothing unique.

    The fact is that, by 1940, only Germany and the Soviet Union had carried out any proper Research and Development work with rockets;

    - the Red Army using these extensively in lieu of artillery, with the thinking being that rocket launching equipment did not have to be robustly constructed, as there was no recoil to absorb. Some of this weaponry proved to be extremely effective, particularly the multi-barreled launcher known as the "Stalin Organ."

    - however, during those years, Germany was streets ahead of everybody else in R&D with rockets.

    As pedal power correctly observes, the success of the United States space program was almost entirely dependent on Von Braun and his associates.


  • DNCall

    Another player in the U.S. space program who is worthy of mention here is James Whiteside Parsons. During the 1940s, he was a researcher at Caltech in Pasadena, CA. He was one of the founders of JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), also in Pasadena. His field was the development of solid rocket fuel, as opposed to liquid rocket fuel that was at the center of Robert Goddard's work.

    As interesting as being a former Nazi is in the case of Mr. Von Braun, is the fact that Mr. Parsons was a prominent American disciple of Aleister Crowley, the famous British occultist. Mr. Parsons' home on South Orange Grove Avenue in Pasadena doubled as a lodge of Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis. White and black magic rituals and a wide variety of sexual rituals took place there. Parsons also rented rooms in his home to those who were drawn to his world. One of the more famous renters was L. Ron Hubbard, who ran off with Parson's girlfriend in a boat purchased with Parson's money. There is a crater on the far side of the moon named the Parsons Crater, in his honor.

    You couldn't make this stuff up!


  • sinis

    Most of the things we take for granted today - medicine, surgery, transplants, jets, rockets, etc. can be given credit to wehrmacht machine 70+ years ago.

  • metatron

    Von Braun and others? Instead of categorizing them as Nazis primarily , ( and beneficiaries of Project Paperclip), why not simply think of them as apolitical opportunists who simply wanted to build rockets and would do anything to accomplish that.

    To many, that may not sound much better but I object to this conspiratorical tone that follows so many of these scandals. People do what they wanna do and Werner ran with Hitler or NASA or whoever to do what he wanted. I imagine he would have done the same for the Soviets if they grabbed him first. It's simple self interest, that's all.

    OTOH, you might enjoy Tom Lerner's song about Werner Von Braun. Dated but still funny.


  • botchtowersociety

    why not simply think of them as apolitical opportunists who simply wanted to build rockets and would do anything to accomplish that.

    That sounds about right. Some scientists and engineers are so driven to realize their ideas that they will work with anyone that funds them.

    Here is the song.

  • poppers

    I think metatron nailed it.

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