My brand new Greek Bible!

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  • Nobleheart

    Thank you Wonderment!


    I have a self-taught working knowledge of it. I believe anyone with some effort and discipline can accomplish a lot....Wonderment

    Thats exactly how Fred Franz re-Wrote the Bible for the WBT$..

    He pretended to know what he was doing..

    You`ll be very popular at the local Kingdom Hall..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • Wonderment

    Sorry, but I do not go to the Kingdom Hall or any other Church.

  • Diest

    Dont take any offense was a joke about Franz not you.

  • shepherd

    "There are many who believe this often made charge that the WT people have no capability to deal with Greek."

    As someone who had friends in Greece who are JW's, I can tell you you need to draw a distinction between ancient and modern Greek. Even Greek speaking JW's take the GB word for it when it comes to translating from ancient Greek. They are just happy not to be using a bible with a big cross on the front as they used to.

    In general, JW's cannot deal with ancient Greek at all (Many of them have a problem with their own mother tongue, hence the dumbing down of the literature to simple words and phrases).

    Of those who think they have some understanding, most can only look at what others have written and compare, or go to Vines, not be able to understand the nuances of vocabulary for themselves. In the end they accept whatever expert/translator's opinion that suits their views best, just like the GB does.

  • Wonderment


    "Over the centuries, the Greek language has exhibited a remarkable continuity and has evidenced far fewer variations than the English language has since the time of Chaucer (c. 1340-1400). [...] [I]t is probably no overstatement to observe that the student who can read either Xenophon's Anabasis or Plato's Apology will have little difficulty reading the New Testament or even a modern Greek newspaper (except for some different vocabulary)." (An Introductory Grammar of New Testament Greek, by Paul L. Kaufmam, Ph.D)

    Interestingly, two scholars who disliked the Jehovah's Witnesses with passion, i.e. Julius Mantey and Walter Martin, both Baptists, had a conversation where Walter Martin, the so called "cult expert" was sort of mocking the NWT translators lack of Greek knowledge (their view of things), when Julius Mantey asked him about one of the translators Greek background (George Gangas).

    J. Mantey asked Martin: "He was born in Greece, wasn't he?" Martin then answered: "Yes, he read modern Greek, and I met him when I visited the Watchtower." Of course, Martin went on to say that this Greek speaker did not know what "the subject" of the last clause of John 1:1c was.

    That assertion about Gangas not knowing "the subject" is questionable in itself. But my point is that even Mantey who hated the JWs, acknowledge by his question that a NWT translator having a Greek background could make a difference in the translation process.

  • Wonderment

    TD asked: Why is the Greek NWT a nicer binding than the English? Why does it have two ribbon markers when the English only has one? Inquiring minds want to know....

    TD, the edition I obtained is the Deluxe one. It was printed in New York. It has only one ribbon. I would like to get the Rbi8-G Reference edition. If anyone has one, please let me know. I am willing to buy it from you. The WT system they have in place for ordering literature sucks more than rotten eggs.

  • Earnest
  • Earnest

    Let me try that again, using Firefox.

    shepherd: You are quite right to make the distinction between ancient and modern Greek, and to note that in general Greek speakers (whether they are JW or not) cannot deal with ancient Greek at all. On the other hand, I do know of a brother in Greece who is equally at home in both ancient and modern Greek and who has been assisting the Watchtower Society in translation for the last 30 years so I would not be so sure of the ignorance which you maintain.

  • TD
    TD, the edition I obtained is the Deluxe one.

    Mine too. It's the same Burgandy color and texture as the English Deluxe (Burgandy) edition. The workmanship is a lot nicer though and it has two ribbon markers; a black one and a red one.

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