Should there be restrictions on who can donate blood?

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  • BluesBrother

    They won't let me donate, as a new doner in the U K - Too old!

  • Kaethra

    In Canada, you can totally donate blood if you’re gay – as long as your gay is of the lesbian persuasion. ;)

    Hey Scully! I’m curious as to your statement: “People who have had cancer are automatically excluded. They may not be a risk due to infection, but donating itself may be a risk to the donor, should their cancer come back” - why, exactly? In case surgery is needed? And/or defences for fighting off the cancer are down? Does donating blood regularly increase my risk of getting cancer?

    And yes, re. “People who have spent more than 48 hours in jail are not allowed to donate. I can't imagine what happens once you've been in jail for 49 hours, but it doesn't sound good”; the first time I gave blood, I thought – geez! What’s happening in our prisons? Yikes! I don’t think a three-day stay in jail should mean rape is a foregone conclusion.

    Oh and – props for “antecubital fossae”. ;)

  • jefferyjones

    why worry about blood? the better alternative is and always has been blood volumizers and other methods developed in recent decades. if people in the "christian"world weren't so adamant about disrespecting bible standards then we'd be far more advanced than we currently are.

    filthy people have so many diseases any more that if you wanna take blood, you might as well lick someone's wounds too, cuz your gonna catch something either way.

    bible - "don't injest blood"

    professed christian - "hey! gimme some of that blood over there so i can put it in my body!"

    bible - "don't kill people"

    professed christian - "hitler and the church told me that jews were evil. let's kill them!"


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    Your post shows an extrme lack of knowledge about the issues re blood donations and comparing blood dinations to Hitler is beyond absurd. I suggest you get your nose out of the WT and try readin some real research.

    I have tried to give blood in 2 proovinces in Canada. I was refused both times due to the medications I take - most notably B12 injections that I get every 3 months.

    I'm all for taking extra precautions. People do lie. I'd rather that they turn someone away than risk harming many people when they get a transfusion

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    BTW When I was in university I wrote a paper on JWs and blood transfusions. At the time I still believed in the WT teachings on the matter so what I wrote supported them. My prof told me I should get it published. I didn't follow through with that and now I am glad I didn't.

    The research I did was terribly biased. I did the research the way the WTS does its research. I looked for articles that only supported the WT. I totally ignored anythign that didn't support them.

    That is unethical research. I admit it. Andf I am totally guilty of writing a paper that was so biased. And I am ashamed of it now. I had to read a lot of articles that I didn't use for my paper tro find the few that supported the WT stance.

    The WTS has a bad habit of using research that supports them and they will ignore everything else. And that "everything else" winds up being 99% of the research done on blood and the problems of transfusions.

  • Snoozy

    Excellent point Lady Lee..sometimes we forget where the WTBTS gets it's articles..they do pick and chose which was very misleading to a lot of us at the time.

    What surprises me is the fact that with the computer so popular now and so easy to get on why more witnesses aren't doing their own research? And I am also surprised the religion is even still around.

    Coming to the Ex JW boards was a lifesaver for me!


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