Should there be restrictions on who can donate blood?

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  • NewChapter

    Cold Hard Facts: Heterosexuals get HIV. All blood is screened for this disease. Heterosexuals get hepatitis. All blood is screened.

    I have cancer, I can't give blood. That's MEDICAL.


  • NeckBeard
  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I can't donate b/c I take a lot of Rxs. No one would stop for me from assistanting at a blood donation, by doing clerical work, giving out juice, etc.

    It was always one of my dreams to donate blood. Some dreams don't come true. I will live.

    Nothing is 100% in medicine.

  • TD

    Screening is one layer of protection. I've worked in a med lab. We did these screenings. They are not 100% accurate.

    Like Scully said, excluding known high-risk groups is a second layer of protection. That's why you have to answer at least 20 of the most intimate questions imaginable about your sexual preferences and habits every time you go to donate. That's why you can't donate (In the U.S.) if you've visited Great Britain in the last 5 years. That's why tatoos and piercings disqualify you for 6 months. The list of high-risk activities goes on and on. Hell, you can't even give blood if you've recieved a transfusion yourself.

    Of the flip-side of the coin, if you're not in a high-risk group and type O and CMV negative, the donation agencies will love you to pieces. They will call you every three months just like clockwork.

    Is this "unfair?" YES absolutely.

  • Scully


    Just wanted to say thanks for posting this thread. Due to some medical issues and subsequent surgery, I wasn't able to donate for a while. It made me kind of sad because Canadian Blood Services just loves me because I donated like clockwork every 8-9 weeks, and because I am a Universal Donor. I called and made an appointment to donate on Friday.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I'm 0. Not sure if it's positive or negative.

    Sounds like from all this that I can donate without a problem.

    For the guy who just "looks gay" but swears he isn't, why can't he donate?

    Was the nurse afraid he was lying?

  • TD


  • Snoozy

    You're welcome Scully..

    Another point that someone made was screening isn't 100 % sure. Thank you for that info.
    Also in the article it pointed out about homeless people being able to can they tell if someone is truthful about their background?

    I have never donated so am not up on the process of donating. Do they ask questions? Take a physical of the one donating? Test the blood before they take the donation?

    And still wondering about the gay screening process, do they just rely on the persons statements as to if they are gay or not before letting them donate?


  • TD


    My donation experiences are entirely with United Blood Services so these answers may not be true everywhere:

    Do they ask questions?

    Yes. A lot. Many of them are extremely personal.

    Take a physical of the one donating?

    No. Not a "real" physical. They'll check BP and screen for anemia though.

    Test the blood before they take the donation?

    No, They'll usually take the donation the day you go in. They will hold it until after the screening though.

  • GLTirebiter

    The original story says this was at a paying plasma center, which is a high risk situation. There is a history of addicts lying on the questions so they can donate to get some quick cash. (This surprised me, I thought all the paid plasma centers were shut down years ago.) My experiences at Red Cross and similar volunteer donation centers was nothing like this.

    There is a long list of qualifications, which you can read here.

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