Why was Eve's eyes not open when she ate from the tree?

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  • snakeface

    That whole story is a crock of BS! It says that the animals had mates (and were naked) but when God made Adam, Adam was alone for some time. Since Adam was perfect that means he had procreative organs; yet he was alone. Then one day God realized oops Adam needs a mate. God makes a woman from Adam's rib and then tells Adam that a man will leave his father and mother and cling to his mate. Adam did not have a father and a mother. Ok then this snake comes along and starts talking to Eve. (Why didn't Satan just materialize as a man, more powerful than Adam? And perhaps have sex with her as angels did in pre-flood times?) And where was God when this was going on? Notice that God happens to come along afterward; yet he seems to know that Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit. Why didn't God intervene right after Eve ate, or when the serpent started talking, for that matter? Then after judgement was pronounced upon them, why did they suddenly need clothing?

    Why did angels wait so long after that to come and "have relations with the daughters of men" (and God not seem to even know about it) yet Satan did not do so with Eve in the Garden?

    It's because it's not true. And any religion that teaches it to be true is "false religion".

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