Why was Eve's eyes not open when she ate from the tree?

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  • puppie069

    Eve was the first to commit the sin regarding the tree? Why wasn't she the example of gods judgement? WHY WAS Adam brought into the sin.

    IF she ate first, why wasn't there judgement at that point? Please help me understand? Confused

  • undercover

    um, 'cause it's a fairy tale, not history?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Pretty much what undercover said.

  • james_woods

    What undercover said plus the fact that the writers of the fairy tale were noticeably mysogynistic.

  • NomadSoul

    Well, according to the story. I would assume that Adam was being tested too.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    because god is male and is afraid of women. in all of his life he didn't have a single date. not once! even though we got online dating now, he just never got himself to do it! imagine!

    sad old virgin.

  • Haulin Oats
    Haulin Oats

    Maybe her eyes WERE opened, and she probably saw the nice rack she had and wasn't ashamed at all. She wanted Adam to see how hot she was, so she made him eat the apple/fruit. Myth...BUSTED.

  • shepherd

    Because none of it actually happened....just like at the end when they are cast out God puts a sword to block their way - the writers forgot that in those days swords had not been invented!

  • NewChapter

    Because the ancient desert dwellers that created the story really seemed to have a problem with women! Maybe it was because they were surrounded by pagans that often gave women power in their religions. Later they would manifest this fear by burning witches. Egypt was a country where women had some rights. The gods are male, the angels are male, the demons are male, Satan is male, but WOMEN caused the fall! Kind of makes me giggle.


  • Jack C.

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