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  • discreetslave

    How true. My husabnd and children are in the grips of Satan. I want to pry his fingers open but he tightens his grip laughing at me.

    Dear sister Noble thank you for your courage and stand for what is right. You will be in heart & prayers.

  • MrDarkKnight

    Wow. That is all can say about this. Wow.

  • johny5

    Thanks for posting. I'm a newbie

    Before reading I was going to make a funny joke.

    After reading, ... I'm sad

  • Quendi

    Thank you for sharing this sad and honest letter and follow up. Many of us here can sympathize and empathize as we have lost friends and family to this cult. And while there is hope of reconnection and reconciliation for some, many of us will have to resign ourselves to our losses. Despite this, we continue our lives' journeys accompanied by new companions. My friends, I wish all of you the love, peace, and happiness you deserve.


  • partydelights

    Dear hubert,

    Of all things, love is something that cannot be replaced. However, finding new friends do help. For my wife and I, we know it's useless to dwell in the past. Likewise, it's meaningless to hope that things can change for the better. Nevertheless, we decided to move forward and conquer this feeling created by Satan and his organization.

    Of all things, love is something that cannot be replaced. Hence we make it our life to look for new friends. We greet all our neighbors. We let our children play with their kids. We visited Churches. We join their concerts and fund-rasing programmes. Of course, we joined their worship.

    Of all things, love is something that cannot be replaced. So to win friends, we become friends ourselves. We invite our new-found friends to dine with us. We open our thoughts with them. Among Church friends, we tell them our JW experiences. In a matter of months, we are free from the burden of loneliness.

    Of all things, love is something that cannot be replaced. You'll still think about all your loved ones. Turn these thoughts into prayers. Request the pastors to pray for them. Send them your love. They're simply blinded by the "illumination" of Satan. However, if your love for them is felt, their blindness might be restored. Best wishes that you be blessed with your love again.

    Of all things, love is something that cannot be replaced. But perhaps if you don't mind. Would you care have my wife and I as your new friends to love? We surely needs this love because we too were shun badly. 20 years of WT slavery has devoid us of all "worldly friends". Do allow us to pour our heart to you and give us a listening ear. So if you choose to love us, PM me and perhaps we can exchange email address.


  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Hubert, thanks for reposting that letter. It's beautiful, absolutely beautiful.


  • hubert

    My dear partydelights,

    Thank you for your invitation to be my friend. That's very kind of you. However, you did fail to notice that it is not I who is "Gaila Noble", who actually wrote this article. I was so moved by it, (like you), that I re-posted it on the forum, and hopefully will every year, so that new posters can read it and see how families get destroyed by this cult. Yes, it is a true story, but not written by me. I am "only the messenger".

    I do have a daughter and son-in-law involved with the cult, but we are on speaking terms and good long as I don't talk about religion. :)

    Cinda Miller is Gaila Noble's sister, and she is the one who supplied the update about Gaila. The update was written a year ago by Cinda, and I don't know anything else about Gaila since the update. She could even have passed away, God Bless her. Perhaps Cinda will see this post if she still reads this forum, and give us an update, as I would love to know how Gaila is doing, also, and hopefully hear some good news about her.

    Again, thank you for the invitation to be my friend, but whether you know it or not, we here on this forum are all friends, each sharing our difficulties with coping with this terrible cult.

    Sincerely, and with love,


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