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    Every year I like to bring up this letter for the "Newbies" on this forum.

    I found it very true, and right to the point.

    Thanks again, Gaila Noble.


    An Open Letter To Jehovah's Witnesses

    You may not remember, but I know you very well. I met you a long time ago when you came to my house with your smiling faces, your neat clothes, and your soft voices, and a Bible tucked neatly under your arm. You told me many beautiful stories of a "paradise earth," and a "righteous new system" which would be established shortly. You beguiled me; I listened and I let you teach me your form of Christ-dignity.

    I loved you, I devoted most of my life to you, I was loyal and obedient, never realizing that one day I would come to disagree with everything you had to say. When I first met you and learned of the "paradise," little did I know that in order to get to that paradise, I would have to walk over the dead bodies of beloved family, cherished friends, and casual acquaintances, because they didn't want to be Jehovah's Witnesses. With your soft, sweet voices, and gentle manner, you convinced me that everything and everyone who did not agree with you was "evil." I came to believe that other churches were bad and of the devil, and so were their members. I became convinced that all the governments were wicked, including my own, and that I was not to support the country in which I lived. I believed you, I loved you, trusted you, and served you and never suspected that you were capable of deceiving me.

    I loved you so much that I raised my precious children as Jehovah's Witnesses. I taught them that you were trustworthy, and true followers of God and Jesus. I trained them to believe your every word. How could I have known that in the future you would steal my own flesh and blood from my arms and prevent them from seeing me because I would come to disagree with you? I never noticed the fangs of oppression and tyranny that lurked behind those gentle smiles. I never knew that I would be expected to hand over my mind, soul, and spirit to you, and if I were to ever want them back, you would hold my children as hostages and no amount of begging and tears would release them from your grip because they had been raised to look at you as being God, rather than mere men.

    When I came to you, I was young and pretty and impressionable, looking for a relationship with God, my Creator. But through slick words and empty speeches you convinced me that I was not really a child of God, that my duty was to the organization-that THEY would tell me what to do and how to think. Through years of domination and manipulation I began to accept the meager food that was being offered to me, and became willing to accept it as the true "spiritual" food from the Master, while all the time feeling the gnawing at my body. Finally, I discovered that I had been robbed of my joy, my love, my compassion, and my mercy, and it was replaced with legalistic doctrinal formula which provided me with fear, guilt, and anxiety to fill my hungry heart. When I said, "I want more than this," you slapped me with your soft little hand, which had now turned into an iron fist of oppression. Yes, you fooled me all along, your deception was because you had been fooled too, a long time ago, by others who had taken you captive to their dictatorial reign of terror. You convinced me that the words of men were the words of God because you really thought it was true. I believed you because you were gently, soft spoken, and carried the Bible tucked under your arm.

    You told me that you had "freedom" and it was only later, when I tried to escape your brand of "freedom" that I discovered that the iron bars of the gate had been shut and I was at your mercy because, by this time, you had already gained control of my mind and my emotions. I cried and begged you to please let me go, and you said, with your firm, roaring voice, "not until I have stripped you naked" and you did. You stripped me of my dignity, my self-respect, my honor, and my FAMILY! You told all my family and friends that I was demonic, evil, an apostate, a spiritual fornicator, and good for nothing but total destruction by your angry God whom you had tried to pass off as a God of "love." They believed you, and they still believe you, because their eyes are blinded by the promise of "paradise" and they cannot "see" the Hell that surrounds them. The ever illusive "paradise" is held out to the gullible like a carrot in front of the nose of a rabbit, and causes them to sacrifice their family, friends, careers, education, hopes and dreams on the altar of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

    Now I'm older, now I'm wiser, but now it is too late- life is fast slipping away. Through my tears, I cry out for my beautiful daughter and grandchildren, but you grip them tighter and tighter and tell them that YOU will be their "mother." And so you are, and so you are! I begged to recapture my honor and my dignity, but you laughed with your bright, shining teeth, and said, "No way, you're on your own." Somehow those soft, pretty words weren't soft and pretty anymore, but words of slander, abuse, hatred, and hostility- and you said them in such a way that others would think that you were righteous and I was evil. You lied about me, but no one will believe you LIED because they trust you-that's because you are soft spoken, gentle, and carry a Bible tucked neatly under your arm.

    Gaila Noble

  • shel54401

    I couldn't help finding tears coming down my face, as even though I don't have my child in thier cult, I so feal for you dear, My heart and prayers go out to you. Remember Satan runs this organization NOT GOD and he is very powerful as he attacks our families and feelings..Have NO fear dear, ONE day they will come back to you, maybe not in this life, but the next, and what a wonderful day this will be when Jehovah will make things right and set them right. Honey they are brainwashed and their minds are no longer theirs.It's NOT YOU, even though they may slander you by saying your now of the devil and other evil lies, DEEP down they know their mother and grandmother, and IT WILL get to them BUT as long as the WT & GB has their power over them it will be difficult BUT NOT impossible for you to KEEP trying and NEVER give up, w/ letters / phone calls or what ever, NEVER GIVE up this is what SATAN wants, he wants to win, and DON"T allow him to take your babies from you..

    I still have a few elderly JW"S who sneek over ONLY at nite and park away from my home for fear of being seen..How sad,BUT as long as the comunication is still there, there is a chance..Same w/ you, try and keep that comunication open, and anything you say now they will see it as from the devil, KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS! You know your Not an evil person, But THEY need PROOF, and YOU can do it..I will also Pray for you dear that your struggles be light, and your efforts NOT in vain.

    DO NOT GIVE UP and Give into SATANS world, he wants you to give up, he wants your children and grandbabies..BUT Jehovah is so much stronger, and mark my words, Jehovah will win at this , so PLEASE do NOT give up, do what ever it tales to keep that comunication open, there will be your ticket to gaining them back...SHOWthem you are NOT of the devil and PRAY..PRAY..PRAY.. Good Luck to You, and bless your dear heart shel

  • barefootmarley

    i reckon that about somes it up.....

    i would have added a middle finger gesture there at the end, but thats just me

  • jdhf

    Dear Gaila....your eloquent articulate and even sadly poetic words accurately and succinctly depict your situation with your family. I am so sad for you and what you have suffered at the hands of those you once trusted with your life. i can only hope for you that some day soon your daughter and grandchildren will have their eyes and hearts opened with the real truth of the organisation to which they so closely adhere. My thoughts and hopes are with you at this awful time for you. The Witnesses destroyed my faith and hopes for the future and I battle internally constantly with not knowing the truth any longer. You have my profound sympathy and love as a fellow human and i'm sure many will agree that you shouldn't lose hope. I never thought I would leave but the truth shared by a fellow former witness opened my eyes and heart to the truth of the organisation and you need to have faith your family may follow suit.x

  • sooner7nc

    When I read things like this I want to shoot every fucking one of them.

    May you find peace because I don't know if I ever will be able to.

  • Twitch
  • Twitch

    Well said, sadly

  • elderelite

    Oh damn....

  • hubert

    This is an update on Gaila Noble, posted a year ago by her sister, Cinda Miller. I'm sure Cinda won't mind if I forward her post into this thread.


    Many people have wondered what ever happened to Gaila Noble and the rest of her story. My name is Cinda Miller, I am Gaila Noble's sister. Shortly after this open letter was posted, she suffered a stroke. She is now in a group home, unable to care for herself. We were both Jehovah's Witnesses, she was in the cult for 20 years and I was in for 18 years.

    Her daughter never did leave the organization, but her daughter's youngest girl did leave along with her husband. The sad part is, my sister's granddaughter is just now getting to know her grandmother., and now she along wih her husband are being shunned by their parents. The cycle of misguided regligiousity continues to wreck havoic upon the family and it does with every family that is invovled with Jehovah's Witnesses.

    So, when those nice people come to your door with their smiles and their eagerness to save your life, ask yourself, is it worth the "promise" of living forever when you are taught that in order for you to gain that life, you have to shun the rest of your family and your friends, because ONLY Jehovah's Witnesses are going to gain that paradise earth and the rest are being lead and controled by the devil.

    Does this sound like a religion that you really want to be a part of? Once you become a part of "their cult, there is no way out, without experiencing great pain.

    My sister and I were true believers, working hard to promote their form of religious thought. To leave was to leave long time friends and precious relatives. You are shunned by those same friends and fanily, and you wonder "How could this be the religion of God's choice?"

    My sister's fondest wish was to be close to her oldest daughter, but, my sister will not realize that wish. She was a strong, vibrant woman with a strong conviction of right and wrong, She was a valiant fighter against the suppresion that we both experienced.

  • hubert

    bttt for the morning folks.


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