I need folks in Edmonton, Alberta

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  • shamus100

    I hear you about the mosquitoes. I went for a run today, and had to goop on sunscreen and deet to the extreme. They are freaking voracious this year! It's horrid, really. The river valleys are crawling with them - don't even think about going outside in the morning or night without diet.

    Our summers are beautiful, but short - it's better than having 2 months of excruciatingly hot weather that you can't go outside and enjoy anyways. ;) It all balances out - dress for the weather and you'll be fine, even when it's -20. There is no reason why anyone can't enjoy the outdoors.

    And it is so nice in the country right now - the canola fields are exploding and the fields are very lush. This is a rare time to photograph fields when they are so vibrant and healthy.

  • godrulz

    Give me the Banff mountains any day.

  • shamus100

    Yes, it is a very special place up here - people just don't have any idea. I like it that way. ;) Jasper has a beauty unto itself, and if you ever get into the Mt. Robson area, well, my goodness, it's stunning beyond belief.

    Every part of our planet really does have it's own beauty (except for North Dakota!). The everglades and Florida are stunning too. :) Miami is a great place - I recommend a visit there for something completely different. I really fell in love with it down there.

  • james_woods


    Thank you for your cooperation.

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