I spend a few hours in rehab...

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  • AGuest

    And yet, you want us to believe tha you're an "unbeliever", dear Terry (peace to you!)... while admitting that dear Dub's love... moved you. True, you may not know WHAT you believe... or WHO you believe IN... but I wouldn't write off the love... of GOD... just yet, if I were you.

    Thank you for sharing that with us... and again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Great story, thanks for sharing your experience.

  • GOrwell

    Thanks Terry for that - you have a certain way of telling a great, touching story.. thanks again..

  • wobble

    May I add my thanks, well writtten and illuminating as usual. Thanks.

    Dubs comment "When we give to others we always get more in return" was so true.

    I was told this in similar words as a teenager by the "Congregation Servant" as they were known then, he told me that true religion was about that , and that only, helping others. Of course he believed that part of that was to help people to be JW's.

    His words and example shaped the way I practiced being a JW, and as I did get "more in return", it kept me mistakenly in for far too long.

    I still get "more in return" when I give of myself in some way now, with no religious connection whatsoever.

    If that healing good feeling comes from God then praise be to Him/Her, but I do not believe it does.

  • Pistoff

    Very nice thanks Terry

  • snowbird

    Terry, thank you so much for sharing that touching story.

    In a short time, you're going to become a believer- again, for the first time.

    It happened to me in a similar fashion.


  • Girlie


    You have such a wonderful way of captivating the human spirit. Very encouraging story.

  • sizemik

    Thanks Terry . . . your undoubted skill in relating this put us all but alongside you . . . and stirred something.

    You've given me things to ponder . . . good things.

  • willyloman

    This "experience" made my day. The journey out of dubdom is truly enlightening....

  • Terry

    Thank you all.

    My head is still buzzing over it.

    Part of me can't handle it and the other part longs to find a way to get over it and be useful.

    The amount of human misery that quietly finds itself locked away where eyes never see can only be because so few of us really want to

    face the---pardon the word: Horror--of growing old and falling apart and finding ourselves alone.

    Being a human dialtone is how I think of it.

    I'm going to start a separate thread on something that happened to me this morning.

    A car full of JW's out in service while I was at the Car Wash.....

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