Elders who conduct judicial comittees are creepy & perverted

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    If your man ever is appointed an Elder he will have first hand experince of how JCs are mishandled.

  • Violia

    I think if they had to handle a few homosexual rapes they might get a clue.

    I realize this has not been everyone's experience but it happened to me and there is so much more. I am not blowing smoke, I have just been in the org all my life and unfortunately not always had the protection of a male. That is so important, if your husband can help you but so often they used to not allow him in there or anyone who could give you moral support. I don't know how they do this, but unless someone is underage, I am still not sure if they allow the husband or boyfriend in. they even questioned one of my sons without me being there. How did they have a right to do that and why did I let them?

    Some of us have had some bad things happen to us and I assure you I do not live in some back woods area . The org was not ready for gang rape, drugged rape, husband and wife/ team rapes elders who use their position to abuse, and other equally terrible things.

    I have other things that happened to me. My doc says start o a blog and put a password on it and just blog it. I may do that.

    I am not without sin but I have never intentionally hurt anyone.

  • elderelite

    Sadly im sure the senarios talked about here are not even the worst... It is indefensable.

    To me though what new chapter said is the worst part of it all. Even elders who are respectfull and dont pry are still part of a system that is by its very nature, degrading and humiliating, even when handled respectfully.

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    The Society is not even at the point where they can have inhouse counseling for any number of disorders and traumas. When I was an Elder I wrote to the Society about starting AA and NA type meetings for the Friends who were having substance abuse problems. Alcohoism is very high and with an aging population many have painf killers prescription addictions which all need a sympathetic environemtn to deal with. Two Elders were in terrible car accidents because both were addicted to their pain medications.

    Most every Church in town has programs set up for their people to get help.

  • Violia


    yes we do need support groups for those in the org. There need to be youth groups and womens rights need to be taken seriously. I was not kidding when I mentioned the "testing" the elders do. They can actually approach a sister , come on to her, and if she is OK with it, call it a "test" . Like a sting operation. I am not kidding here.

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    I remember the 'Testing' that some of these Elders would do, really terrible. When I started to show signs of being 'Apostate' the Elders sent friends in the Congregation to set me up with questions about the Society.

    Lovely people...

  • jambon1

    Wow. My sympathys go to you.

    I never realised that the elders actually JC people who have been raped.

    Sometimes I can still be surprised by them.


  • man in black
    man in black

    yes, I agree that they are perverted.

    I never had to endure this procedure, but a good friend of mine was df'ed for adultery about five years ago.

    We got together several months ago, and he told me the whole episode .

    It seems that there is an elder by the name of Redman (a PO) who asked him the most personal-humiliating questions imaginable.

    "Did you have oral sex?, how did you do it? where did you do it? How did you feel about it?How did she feel about it?

    While I was hearing this story, my skin actually started to crawl. It was a very creepy thing for me, listening to these personal questions that were asked by a man who actually believes that his position is "appointed by God".

    There is also another elder by the name of Jeff R., who actually had pictures of some of the young, attractive sisters framed, and sitting around his house. The young girls were the only ones who had any respect for this well known perv. From what I hear, he is still an elder .

  • Violia

    JC- yes they do them . They at that time anyhow, assume you have committed fornication or adultly. All your rapist has to do is deny it. No witnesses, no proof. I was told I could not go to the police. I was a born in and that is just how things were handled. How I wish I could go back and redo that In the end I was either guilty of lying or adultery b/c he denied it . He then made some remarks about if anything did happen "Satan made him do it".
    they bought it. What they did was let a rapist loose on the congo. He did rape again , but it was not a jws ( you know they don't count) and during the jc he confessed to the current rape and mine. I would not even know if a lone elder had not told me. It was not seen as necessary I be told. The congo I heard now denies this. They choose to protect a rapist and let the sisters in the congo be at risk.

    There is so much more and I swear before I die I am writing a book and will try and name names if I can. Not sure legally about this, but i will do what I can.

    One of the reasons some bizarre things like this have happened is the good ole boy system , elders staying in positions they are not qualified for, some of the elders are just plain sociopaths who enjoy lording it over others.

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    Run it in segments in a local newspaper.

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