Elders who conduct judicial comittees are creepy & perverted

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  • jambon1

    Why can't people in JW congregations see just how utterly creepy this whole arrangement is?

    A girl about 20 years old commits an indescretion of a sexual nature. Three middle aged/old men 'interview' her in a room. All alone. Asking the details of said indescretion.

    I mean, what is the crime here? The girls fornication or the fact that three old men want to sit and listen to all the details of it?

    I have heard that in some cases elders have been extreemly rude & have asked very personal questions.

    Why don't JW's see how perverted this is?

    How can any decent parent allow their child to be put through this?

  • sizemik

    Fortunately I never had to endure the experience . . . but the prospect of maybe having to, scared the bejesus out of me. Fortunately I left before it could happen. I honestly don't know how they do it . . . it just seems . . . wrong.

  • designs


    It all goes back to the training we received when we went to our Elder's Schools. In Counseling you do need to gather background on a person, there is a Nationally Accredited Form you follow and it does request detailed information. How a delicate question is asked is very important. Rather than a trained professional conducting the School for Elders you have a local Elder with a CO leading the weekend class. It gives you enough information to do serious harm.

  • Honesty

    Because it is a loving arrangement provided by their god.

    His name is satan.

  • jambon1


    The other facet of all of this is that if a person is truely sorry before god then why the need to explain your indescretion to men?

  • designs

    Well now you are back to passages in the NT where things like shepherding, confession, and praying over lapsed Believers is discussed.

  • metatron

    If some of you lurkers out there doubt this, please think about the phenomena of "phone sex". Do some men become aroused by a woman talking about such things? Well, if they didn't, they why are there so many ads for this kind of service? Somebody is willing to pay to listen to it.

    Admittedly, JC testimony does not feature faked orgasmic moans however, JC testimony inherently involves humiliation of the victim involved - and that may add something that ordinary phone sex does not provide.

    A more obscure note of hypocrisy is that, in the past, Witnesses may have criticized the Catholic confessional for doing this very sort of thing.


  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    Three adult males asking sexually explicit questions to a lone underage child is nothing short of sexual abuse.

    The real world would be appalled at such behavior.

    Can you imagine what would happen if a raped woman went to the police and they questioned her by putting her alone in a room with three men?

    The public would be outraged! Any fool can tell you that is not an appropriate way to treat a victim.

    But in JW land it is accepted....the GB are sick heartless bastards who dont geve a shit about women or children.

  • NewChapter

    A more obscure note of hypocrisy is that, in the past, Witnesses may have criticized the Catholic confessional for doing this very sort of thing

    This part perplexed me even when I was in. They were so critical of the Catholic arrangement. Their's was not all that different. In the Catholic arrangement the person get's a screen and speaks to one person. Sure that person usually knew who was speaking, but the comfort of the screen was there. Then the priest didn't run off to discuss intimate details while the confessor sat worrying about the judgement. Perhaps it made them feel better to talk about it. They both give some type of penance. What difference does it make if it's Hail Mary's or restricted privileges?

    I've sat before 3 men in a brightly lit room while they judged me. I have to say that at least they were decent and respectful---but it was the PROCESS that was demeaning. Then we all went home to snicker at the Catholics.


  • Violia

    I was 20 yrs old /married and had a baby I was gang raped . 4 elders asked me the most personal and detailed of questions and several laughed at me. I was frightened and no one was allowed to come in with me. I was in shock and I was still wearing the clothing had on the night before. the elders twisted every word I said and shouted me down. Due to the rape I lost a baby about a year later , due to trauma. There will never be any justice for this as they have covered their tracks. it was a long time ago and what happened has effected my entire life. I lost a baby a year later due to trauma the rapists inflicted on me and Std's they gave me that took a long time to get rid of and not to say anything of the psychiatric damage that was done. the damage the elders did was as bad as they destroyed to rest of my life by branding me a whore . So what they did to me is as bad as what the rapists did.

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