Refuting Franz's Crisis of Conscience

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  • cantleave

    Barbara Anderson, knows a fair bit about the Proclaimers book, she was a Bethel researcher when it was being compiled.

  • TD

    I always thought that Proclaimers was written primarily in response to Apocalypse Delayed: The Story of Jehovah's Witnesses written by James Penton, a former JW and historian in 1985. But that's just gut feeling. I don't have a shred of proof.

  • Quendi

    The departure of James Penton and subsequent publishing of his Apocalypse Delayed was a serious blow to the WTS. You may be right, TD, to suggest a link between Penton's book and the appearance of the Proclaimers volume. Two years may have been too short a time to compile all that the it contains. But I do think that the Society was feeling the heat from the writings of prominent men who had left the organization and then worked hard to expose it for the false prophet it truly is.

    I believe the Internet is increasing the Society's level of discomfort. Thanks to it, more leaks are springing than the Society has fingers to plug them. While I still believe there is an incredible reserve of strength still in it, I also think that developments are beginning to occur at a faster pace than the organization can react to them. Maybe, finally, the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society is entering its "last days", its own "time of the end". One can only hope.


  • Violia

    I recall lots of rants about apostates around 1980. Also unofficially I heard folks say that the wts was fighting back now, theocratic warfare and stings and set ups and tests began to be seen heavily in my area. suddenly it was OK to lie, stalk and "test" folks.we were advised to get rid of all the old books and not read older literature ( off stage but also some veiled suggestions from stage too)

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    The last mention I could find about Ray Franz is this Watchtower of 1979, which was not long before his exit.

    After a program retracing the two years of efforts required to put up the new building, several recorded messages from Witnesses in other French-speaking lands were heard. Then Raymond Franz, a member of the Governing Body, gave the dedication talk. He highlighted the importance of serving Jehovah with joy. (Neh. 8:10) The vanity of human efforts and ephemeral glory (such as that of Caesar and Napoleon) were contrasted with the joyful work of preaching the good news of Jehovah’s kingdom. The Watchtower, 1979, 1/1 p. 11, Building and Planting in France

    I lived in Houston at the time of one of those routine press announcements of an assembly nearby. It was around 1982 and the article also mentioned Ray Franz, the fact that he was disfellowshipped, his former governing body position, and his new book, Crisis of Conscience. It also cited the fact that he lived in Gadsden, Alabama. Since I had left Watchtower only 4 years earlier I picked up the phone, got his number, and called him. We had an hour-long discussion and exchanged a few letters. I bought my copy of his book as it became available in Houston and was glad because of the emotional support it gave.

    May you R.I.P. Raymond Franz. Len
  • DesirousOfChange

    But the Society will still keep its silence about both men for fear that their reach into the hearts and minds of rank-and-file Witnesses will extend beyond the grave.

    That "reach from beyond the grave" is called GOOGLE! If they refuted anything Ray Franz had to say it would just cause more people to Google his name...................then LOOK OUT!

  • steve2

    From the Watchtower's point of view, the worst thing they could do is refute Ray Franz's book. It would draw too much attention to his book - and the JWs might get a bit too curious. So, the Watchtower simply doesn't mention the book but it gives periodic warnings about reading apostate literature.

  • Quarterback

    That's something that always puzzled me about his book. The Society was open with showing the pyramids, and older teachings of Russel, and of Rutherford. Nathan Knorr praised, AH MacMillon's book, "Faith on the March", but the CIC book by R Franz is ignored. There were already negative things accepted and displayed at the Bethels..It's all about the history of the Society. Why wouldn't the CIC be displayed. Well, for the very reason that the issues are still going on. This book is very powerful, and will never fade. CIC helped me to open my eyes, and put things in perspective.

    Whether the Society gets it right, and wants to be honest with everything may take a longtime to happen. Thank goodness for the Internet that has enligtened us on some things. I read CIC after seeing an interview on 60 Minutes. Later after that I ordered the book. There was no internet as we know it back then.

  • godrulz

    Is the book still being published? I have an old copy, but wonder if it is readily available (or just used copies?).

  • Diest

    It is still available on Amazon. I bought a copy through the new/used section becase the seller in the New section was Seller: Cynthia Franz using fulfilment by Amazon.....I thought it was only right to by it from her to help support her after the passing of her husband. It is a Fourth Edition Paperback. The last printing was listed as 2008.

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