10/15/11 WT Has The Crackdown On Football Started?

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  • sd-7

    I still remember that article about recreation that had a picture of people CLEANING THE KINGDOM HALL PROPERTY as a form of recreation. If they can present a picture like that, I think pretty much everything non-Jehovah-related is to be cracked down upon. It would be impossible to work full-time, engage meaningfully in field service, study for and attend all the meetings, do personal study, prepare for and do family study if you have a family, and still have time or energy for anything other than sleep.

    Also, didn't gladiators actually, you know, fight to the death? I'm pretty sure that's not the case in football. While injuries do happen, I don't see how that would be entertaining. What makes it exciting is the movement of the ball; I'm not eager to see somebody get slammed into the turf/grass/whatever. To me, it's no longer fun when someone gets hurt.

    Never made a habit of watching boxing, though I've seen a few fights (none with JWs, though). Used to watch wrestling, too. But eventually I realized I wasn't comfortable watching it when mom was around, so I gave it up. Years later it really dawned on me just how violent it looked, even if it is 'fake'. (I say 'fake' because it's not like real injuries don't happen and those wrestlers rarely make it beyond their 50s, and I'm sure there's a very specific reason for that...)

    Anyway, I suppose the Bible's sex and violence will have to suffice...


  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    Kinda funny when you think about it, so Losch has a problem with football, and possibly some other higher ups in WT Land have a problem with it, and boxing, hockey, or other physical sports. However, these same men get a hard-on when thinking about Jehovah destroying all the non-JWs in the very near future. These same men encourage children to view nonJWs as nonhumans, going so far as encouraging children to draw pictures of how David killed Goliath which serves as a prelude to the further indoctrination which encourages them to look foward with glee to Jehovah utterly destroying all nonJWs in the near future. All the conventions and assemblies feature talks with speakers talking about Jehovah is going to protect His people, that being JWs from their enemies. Who are those enemies the speaker is talking about? NonJW children, nonJW mothers, nonJW fathers, humanitarians, good Samaritans, etc.. Yet, they have a problem with football, SMH.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Banning American football would be the start of a new Underground Society.

  • undercover
    Has The Crackdown On Football Started

    "Started"? They've bashed American football off and on for years. I remember when I was a kid, they railed against it. Then it gets forgotten, then along comes another hard-assed CO who bashes it, along with anything else that might rob the WTS of a few precious seconds of someone's time.

    I had to watch who I told that I went to minor league hockey games. The wrong people would "counsel" me for taking delight in violence. They were right of course...nothing like a good hockey fight in the minor leagues.

    Banning American football would be the start of a new Underground Society.

    The first rule of Fight Club: you do not talk about Fight Club...

  • stuckinamovement

    I wonder if this will be studied during the playoffs? Guess I will have to cancel my superbowl party. I wonder if a sport like curling is appropriate for Christians?

  • Magwitch

    Would he set aside time to be a spectator

    Set aside time? That is too funny. More like forget the world is turning every Saturday from September 3rd until the last college bowl is played. We eat, sleep, drink college football. No time to cook, clean, empty cat boxes nor answer the phone or door. We have about 4 mancaves in my neighborhood that we share. We just bounce from one to another (set aside time-that's a good one)

  • sir82

    The WTS is stupid but they ain't dumb.

    There are a lot of restrictions that JWs willingly put up with. To compensate, they lean heavily on other things, to take up the slack & help them cope with the drudgery of JW life. Take those away and the whole charade crumbles that much faster.

    The WTS knows better than to try to interfere with the following areas:

    -- Popular sports

    -- Booze

    -- Coffee/ other legal stimulants

    -- Overeating

    As a poster mentioned earlier - likely they "gave" Losch a paragraph or 2 in this study article in exchange for his support on some other issue.

    Anyone who has ever served on a body of elders knows that politics is not restricted to politicians.

  • BluesBrother

    football (american, although soccer seems like its also referenced).

    Come come...real football, as played with a round ball ( I believe that American's call it by its nickname 'soccer') is a much nicer game , requiring skill, ball control, agility and vision rather than brute strength) I am sure that nobody could object ...NB Heavy irony here

    In fact if they criticize football the flock do what they always do, answer up at the WT study, read the paragraph and move on - then completely forget it .

    There is No Way that the Bro's are going to give up the football - is that not why they stopped the Tuesday Group Study, so they could watch the midweek matches ! at least that is what a M/S told me

  • crapola

    I will not give up watching the Oklahoma Sooner's whip some butt. Go Boomer Sooners!!!

  • Magwitch

    Oh Crapola - Do not tease me - they are my Gods!!

    Have tickets to go seem them next month

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