Jesus is NOT the Mediator for the Great Crowd?

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  • bobfleur

    The WT stated, I wish that I could find it again, I believe it was in the questions from readers years back... "That the bible was not written for us but for the anointed" (paraphrased). We can quote Scriptures 'till were all in the face, the bible wasn't meant for you or I!

    No offense meant but...

    What makes Jehovah's Witnesses (other sheep) Christian?

    1. They do not worship Christ.

    2. Jesus is not their mediator.

    3. They reject communion.

    4. The bible is not written for them.

    5. They reject fellowship with those that ARE Christians.

  • Resistance is Futile
    Resistance is Futile
    Would it really matter folks, seriously, does it even matter.....

    I'm not a Christian, so no it doesn't really matter to me. But if I were a Christian it certainly would matter. And if I was a JW, and I discovered the Christ is not my Mediator I would think it would most certainly matter. I'm not quite sure I understand the point you're trying to make.

    No offense meant but...
    What makes Jehovah's Witnesses (other sheep) Christian?
    1. They do not worship Christ. 2. Jesus is not their mediator. 3. They reject communion.
    4. The bible is not written for them.
    5. They reject fellowship with those that ARE Christians.....BobFleur

    Christians Follow Jesus..

    Jehovahs`s Witness`s follow the WatchTower..

    Jehovah`s Witness`s are not Christians..

    Jehovah`s Witness`s are WatchTards ..

    Let`s get WatchTarded..Yeah!..

    Let`s get WatchTarded..Yeah!..

    Let`s get WatchTarded..Yeah! ..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • james_woods

    I was in the JWs from about 1962 to about 1979, and I never saw any direct statement that Jesus was not the mediator for the Great Crowd until that 1979 Watchtower.

    That article was just about the last straw for me - I quit going altogether a few weeks after it was used at the WT study.

    Is anybody aware of this being clearly stated in the literature before the late 1970s? I had never heard of such a thing before and suspected at the time that it was a reactionary statement over the Ray Franz "apostacy" episode.

    BTW - as you might suspect, practically nobody except a very few of us saw anything wrong with it.

  • sir82

    So exactly who is the Mediator for the Great Crowd?

    In JW theology, a mediator is only needed if there is a covenant.

    In JW theology, there is no covenant between "the great crowd" and Jehovah, thyus no need of a mediator between them.

    The word "mediator" has a specific, narrow meaning in WT-world. They like to bend, mold, shape, or even redefine words to suit themselves.

  • designs


    You are right that for a non-believer what one Religion has as a set of Beliefs matters little until it interfaces negatively with one's community and society at large. For persons who are religious or with religion in general they all make allowances for gaps in their logic. For a JW who believes they are of the Great Crowd of Other Sheep the gap that is filled is by not having a mediator is life in Paradise and being granted eternal life after they pass the final test after the Millennium. Gap filled they go about their religious rituals.

    Look at the gaps in any religious system and see how they rationalize them- God is all lovong and powerful...but He doesn't protect the innocent type of thing.

  • Chariklo

    The only thing is, that prayers to Jehovah are made through his only-begooten son, Jesus.

    That's pretty close to mediating.

    But, to JW's, Jehovah is much, much more approachable than, for instance, to Catholics, who will habitually light candles to mary, Joseph, and all the saints as well as praying to the Sacred Heart etc. To JW's, Jehovah is very personal indeed.

  • designs

    Exactly, all Religions work out their Bugs to an acceptible level of tolerance. Its fun to watch the mud slinging tho

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My ggf lived well into his mid-nineties. He was of the remnant generation. Once he died, I was very worried that he could see me taking a bath. Perhaps I was twelve or fourteen when he died. My grandmother's generation was the Great Crowd. There was little cross-generatoinal mixing of roles. So, I figured maybe give the last remnant on earth an extra ten years to be generous. Can you imagine being the last one on earth and holding up the big drama? 1975 would be too late a calculation.

    144,000 were just about all there when my great grand father died. So what happened to them? Of course, did Jesus want us distracted by this spook stuff? I doubt it.

    I only heard about Jesus not being important to the Great Crowd when I read Ray Franz' book. It left me very confused. What gives them the power to decide what Jesus is to me. Nothing. Jesus and I decide.

    I love the Saint Watchtower comment. Excellent!

    Someone wrote that altho we discuss the anointed as a big deal, it is not in pragmatic terms. I woulld prefer the existence I know.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Thanks about the timeline of this belief. Altho I was young, I do not recall it was mentioned around 1967 when I left. I believe it would have caused much discussion in the family. A turning point in my life occurred when my prof. ran down messianic terms in the Bible to see about Jesus' consciousness of being Messiah. Son of God was fairly ubiquitous. Son of Man was the key. It was a women's college so she added that no where does God have any daughters of God. She did not say it in a rant. I could not move for a few moments, then oout loud, I said so everyone could hear, "F.....God. We are too good for HIm to be our Father."

    I don't curse, let alone F You. The moment severed all ties to Jehovah.

    They can preach anything and the people will just follow like sheep to a slaughter. Jesus is not even spirit, only an advanced JW. Fine. Paul did not write. Rather, some dude called Brett wrote the epistles. Fine. The WTBTS was a secret society that did business from 35 Horatio Algier Street in Jersualem with a zip code. Fine. We must all jump off the George Washington Bridge. Fine. Child sacrifices scheduled for next Thursday. Fine.

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