Paraplegic JW example used at assemblies

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  • ShirleyW

    I remember a sister that attended the Circuit Assemblies on a gurney, flat on her back. All those that were sitting straight up had a hard enough time staying awake, she was on her back, wonder if she was able to listen to drivel and not fall asleep.

    And of course my mother and others would make such vomit inducing comments as "isn't that wonderful, she doesn't let her illness stop her attending . "

  • umbertoecho

    I always feel nauseated when I see incredibly old and infirm brothers and sisters supposedly going out on the work. The agonizingly slow exit from the car as a walker is put in place for them to grasp and shuffle to a door. The panting and sweating and the complicated ritual of somehow getting a magazine or pamphlet out of their bags (this is usually done by the younger sister who is accompanying the elderly one) This example of infirmity and the "dedication" being shown to us younger ones is well designed to create guilt at the very least. For..." If sister Bridget can go out on the work with her cancer and her hip replacement only a few months behind her. And if sister Bridget can struggle through this exhausting process in order to bring the truth to someone. Then you have no excuses to hold up to the society. You are selfish and lazy. You are not applying yourself with all of your heart are you?

    I have seen this so often within the congregations that I have attended and I wonder at the indignity of it all. I must sound harsh but really, it makes me think of pilgrimages on hands and knees to some sacred site. I seems to be all for show and as a means of publishing the societies expectations toward all who can still walk without aids. No excuses allowed.

    By the way, I am not a young person by any stretch of the imagination. So this is not a rant about youth versus age. It's just an observation about how far a group people will go to make a name for themselves.

    Imagine the horror some of the householders must feel upon opening the door and seeing this woman who can hardly stand up. It's a summer morning and the sun is already stinking hot. How must they, the householders feel when confronted by this sort of "witnessing".

  • SafeAtHome
    I personally would not appreciate someone that infirm struggling up the steps to my front door. Imagine if they tripped and fell. Hope my homeowners insurance is up to date!
  • steve2

    I suppose it would be harder for your average householder to bluntly tell an infirm, elderly and/or wheelchaired door-knocker to "f*ck off"

    At the opposite end of the wellness/illness spectrum, what about the JW parents who use their cute little preschool children or school age ones to place magazines with householders? How can any householder interrupt the little ones as they parrot their lines about "living forever and ever with the lions and lambs in Jehobah's pawadise on earth"

  • aintenoughwiskey
    I remember those, they sounded like an SNL skit. The more outrageous the better. Same with the people in the magazines, attractive, perfect dress, grooming, and dental. Brothers always wore a collared shirt. What about the Sister who was formerly a crack whore? No teeth and scratch scars on her face? Or Brother big boned, deuce and a half if he's a pound? Watchtower creepy, fake ass, white bread world, I keep looking for June Cleaver doing dishes in pearls.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    Supposedly JW's ministry is based on their having a great love for their fellow man. These kind of demonstrations change the motivation from one of love to one of guilt and obligation . There is obviously a problem going on that they need to guilt people into promoting their agenda. The same goes for guilting or blackmailing young ones into getting baptized as the only means of saving their own hide when the Big A comes.
  • Heaven

    Is this Andre's sister by any chance?

    (Okay I believe the Andre thing now.)

  • zeb

    There was a most severely handicapped man who would go out on fs or be taken out by his parents. To see him staggering along with his twisted limbs was not nice. One meeting he had a fit and hit the floor everyone stood and stared and his father berated him.

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