Whats changed since you were baptized????

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  • TotallyADD

    So the question is Whats changed since your were baptized. Baptized in 1970 I have seen myself get older and fatter. Bitter about waking up just a few years ago. Bitter about the fact I was seduced by a cult. But happy I have seen the light. Oh yeah all of the above threads and then some. Totally ADD

  • Bucholz

    @Karter. It's been actually 3 generation changes since 1986:

    1994: The generation is made up of worldly people

    2005ish: The generation is made up of the anointed class.

    2010: The generation is made up of 'overlapping' generations of the anointed class.

  • stray

    Herp changed to Derp. Lots of Herpa Derpa going back and forth through the "channel of communication" since I was baptized.

    Bethel: "Herpderp!"

    Congregation: "Derpherp! Affirmative! Derpherp, everybody!"

    Elder to Publisher: "You there! You're not herpderp enough! Armageddon! Herp! Derp!"

    Publisher to Householder: "And you see, this is why God says that we must derp when we herp. Do you want to the derp to herp your eyes out? Any further questions? Now we we'll ask brother Herp to Derp with Herp."

    Pretty much sums it up.

  • talesin

    Bungi Bill --- me, too

    I'll just add to your list ....

    organ transplants no longer cannibalism

    blood fractions

    kids permitted to get education (though still under duress)

    book studies in homes now gone

    generation 'new light'

    canned music instead of live piano player at KH

    shunning rules MUCH tougher ,,, no longer a 'conscience matter'

    oh yeah, food service at conventions gone

    literature (mags) free


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Armageddon didn't come as promised

  • daringhart13

    Baptized 5/25/85

    What has changed???


    Blood Fractions

    The Song Book

    Bookstudies are gone

    The Revelation Climax Book....several times over

    The King of the North and the King of the South

    Oral Sex

    Pioneering hours

    Allowing Field Service time in 15 minute increments (how funny is that??)

    Public Talks are shorter

    The Theocratic School format/Theo School Book

    Divorce......there are so many now....that its not shocking anymore...you just marry another JW and carry on LOL

    But the one that had a devastating effect on me???? ---- They took away the cheese danish. I'm still emotionally scarred.

  • WTWizard

    The religion has gone from bad to worse. Back in the late 1980s, there was a semblance of "life" to the message. People were still responding, and one could reasonably expect to see a few come out of the field. And they seemed to know what they were teaching back then. Also, you had comments that didn't merely repeat the paragraph, along with occasional picnics and gatherings among the witlesses.

    Now, it is much more stagnant. The witlesses barely know what their own doctrine is. The fun has been sucked out of living. You rarely have comments that don't come directly out of the paragraph, and when you do, you usually see someone getting called to the back room. The rags are more dumbed down now than in the 1980s. It seems that being a witless now means living a sterile and stagnant existence, even compared to the same religion back in the mid and late 1980s.

  • discreetslave

    Since baptized in 95

    Study Publications

    Live Forever to Knowledge to Bible Teach

    United in Worship to Worship God to God's Love

    No brochure to Require Brochure to No Brochure to Using New Watchtower feature

    Revelation Book

    Organized to Do Gods Will to Organized to Accomplish Our Ministry

    School Guidebook

    Song Book

    Teachings & Rules

    Child Molestation

    Temple 2 changes

    Ezekial vision 1 change

    Generations 2 Changes

    Heavenly calling ceased

    Daniels Toes 1 change

    Sheep & Goats 1 change

    Signs in heavens 1 change

    Civil Service 1 change

    Olive Branch 1 change

    RBC - No Kingdom Hall should be fully paid off. Ones with no mortgage should take out a mortgage with Society & share with a Hall that is in need of construction or repair

    Blood fractions

    Hospital Visitation Group to Care for visits to lessen load for Hospital Liason Committee


    Reg & Aux pioneer hours

    Bethelites laid off downsizing

    Governing Body & Board seperate

    Numerous Corp's started eg Christian Cong/ Kingdom Support Services

    Presiding Overseer to Cong. Coordinator

    Kingdom Hall Fund seperate from WWwork

    Watchtower Library format

    Condensed & Shared Literature Arrangement

    Ministerial Training School to School for Single Brothers

    New School for Christain Couples nothing for the single sisters

    Bethel Phonedesk hours

    Consciencee guiding clothing choice to a brochure that serves as guideline

    Literature to Wallkill

    Bethel Housekeepers Manual

    Bethelite Guesroom Privilege lessened to more Watchtower Guestrooms with suggested donation

    Blood card to Advanced Medical Directive

    No longer having to leave Bethel to apply for Gilead

    Black GB member

    No Book Study

    Shorter meeting

    Watchtower Magazine Layout

    1 Awake a month

    No Change in Pride & Haughtiness

  • discreetslave

    Minimizing involvement of Faithful & Discreet Class

    Not coming clean that Governing Body = Faithful Slave

  • clearpoison

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