I decided not to go to the IFB church I been attending

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  • andys

    I have been going to an IFB baptist type church for about past 3 months, I started going in March and have decided to quit going, need advice on how to send them a letter I don't want to go anymore, its a soulwinning, King James onlyism type church, wow are they ever putting pressure on me to be in church every time the doors are open, I explain to them that I work alot of overtime, have my own home to take care of, also I have my ham radio hobby that I am involved in and also like to do volunteer type work, since I been missing alot of church every Sunday I get a phone call from the pastor on why I wasn't in church, now I am to the point where I don't even answer my phone anymore when they call, but wow the pressure, its very irritating how legalistic church attendance for certain churches has gotten.

    On the other hand I have decided that I still want to go to some sort of church, for a very short time in Februiary i was going to a communicty type church where everyone is wearing something different, I noticed that alot of people wear blue jeans, even the pastor wears blue jeans, also its a non denominational type church that has alot of volunteer opportunities which I love doing, I have decided to go back to the non denomminational type church since I don't feel no pressure there.

  • RosePetal

    Hi Andy, I have sent you a private message


  • moshe
    ham radio hobby

    Finally, some sunspots so I can use 10m again. Church will still be there when the next solar minimum arrives.

  • luna2

    Did you join this church? I can't imagine why you just can't write them a letter telling them you don't want to belong any more....or just not go.

  • Nobleheart

    Did you become a member? If so, leaving them behind is the best idea.

    Why would you want to be burdened and controlled after the JW experience?

    I'm sure you'll find another church that isn't legalistic and doesn't lay the guilt and pressure to do more & more on you.

  • tenyearsafter

    Tell them you have become a JW!

  • james_woods

    Just as a side question - what is an IFB church (i.e. - what does this acronym mean?)

  • andys

    The acronym stands for Independent Fundlemental Baptist and yes became a member in March, got baptized there, lately the pressure has been to be in church and do soulwinning, I have decided to write them a letter telling them I no longer want to be a member and go back to the non-denominational church, when I was going there for a short time there was no pressure to be in church.

    10 meters is my favorite band:) I also am getting my Yaesu Ft-817nd ready for working the bands.

  • james_woods
    lately the pressure has been to be in church and do soulwinning

    Good Lord - it sounds like the witnesses, only without the false prophecies and blood transfusion laws...

  • Rocky_Girl

    I sent you an email!

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