Was there a clique in your congregation?

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  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    There is in mine.

  • luna2

    Sure there were. Both among the so-called adults and the young people, especially the teens. In one congregation I attended, there were a couple of very social elders wives whose invitation (to dinner, to a party, to go to some JW event) was highly coveted. I refused once and was lectured by another JW about what a priviledge it was to be invited and that I should make every effort to go. I know that the young kids had cliques and that they were often very cruel to those who they excluded. I don't think their self-righteous parents had the first clue about what their pampered darlings were up to and how they treated some of the other kids. Not that that is different from normal kids, but JWs do not want to think of themselves or their offspring as normal; they're supposed to be superior in every way.

    JWs foster cliques because they tell their members to scrutinize each other to determine whether they are "good associates" or not. JWs like to pretend that they love each and every member of the congregation and that they don't encourage cliques but, like everything else they say, these are empty words. They say a lot of things and pretend that they are a lot of things that aren't true and that they don't practice. White washed graves anyone? I'm not saying that they are worse than regular people, but they sure aren't better.

  • clarity

    No surprise!

    Well, tell us all about it. Do they always sit huddled together in the same seats every meeting? Do they talk just amongst themselves after .... perhaps passing out little invitations for a get together (knowing you can see this)?


  • Lozhasleft

    There certainly was...I used to call them 'the beautiful people' ....

    Loz x

  • Robdar

    Of course there were. In any elite society you must have the uber elite or else what's the point?

  • shamus100

    They're all a bunch of nitwits anyways, so who really cares?

    I want a Jehovahs witness for a friend like I want a boil on my ass.

  • NewChapter

    Cliques are somewhat natural. Groups that share the same interests stick together. We had some in my old hall, but they weren't nearly as tight as I've seen elsewhere. We were known as an exceptionally warm and friendly hall, and I have to agree. I attended 3 different halls in my life, and they were all very different. This one was very social and tried to include others.

    But it seemed to work in phases. During times of stress, the cliques grew a bit tighter, then they would loosen up again.

    There were people that would feel like outsiders anywhere. I used to try and include them, but it was never enough. They always found some reason to be slighted. (sigh). I know some halls that had extremely lonely people that were always kept on the outside of all social circles. That was that christian love just brimming over.


  • Leto

    There was a clique of goody goody elder's sons & daughters from a few different congregations around St. Petersburg Florida that we used to call the "superfriends"... And then there were also "the dudes".

  • Joliette

    Plenty in mines.

    Thats Jehovah's loving organization for you.

  • truthseeker1969

    When I got married I moved to my wifes congregation and was stunned by the cliques and the goody two shoes in the congo.

    I had a good paying job, own home and a great wife.

    I gave up the job to move to my wifes congregation and had to wait until my backgrouond check came through which took 30 days before my new job started. In between the elders heard I was not working and came to visit and told me I was neglecting my responsibity to look after my houehold.

    One of the diarhea oops pioneer couples had told them that my wife had said I was not working and thought it was a travesty when infact she said I had not started my new job yet. When i explained that to the elders they didnt know what to say so asked me why I needed a four bedroom home and two cars until I told them it was paid for and the cars we had when we got married.

    the next night my wife in front of everyone went to the pioneer couple and ripped them a new one. Then went to the two elders and told them to keep their noses out of our business, we were then known as the bad people and not allowed in the little groups.

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