Tying Your Shoes With Modesty and Soundness of Mind

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  • NewChapter

    LOL Curtains. That guy may just be a genius. He satisfies all the judges by continually reaching out for more responsibility which he really doesn't want, and passivlely and subtely makes sure he will never get it. Mom will not be critical of HIM, but will be irritated at the elders for not considering her son who tries so hard.

    The other possiblity is he simply doesn't have a clue--in which case the outcome is still perfect.


  • Curtains

    bingo Newchapter - you are spot on with your first suggestion

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    @ rocketman - Divisions in the congregation over petty things is a big problem. That's why they keep repeating the counsel to not judge each other, be forgiving, keep putting up with one another. The problem is that the Society often creates the problem. For instance, let's say I've been watching vampire movies for years. I see nothing wrong with the subject matter and view it as a personal conscience matter. Now, let's imagine that someone in my hall knows I watch vampire movies but doesn't approve of these films. That's their conscience working for them. In the spirit of being forgiving and putting up with one another, the non-vampire-movie-watcher decides to keep their opinion to themselves and let me be. I, in turn, decide not to discuss my entertainment choices with them. Situation resolved.

    That is, until vampire movies become labeled by the Society has a direct product of Satan. Now we have a problem. The person who was willing to overlook my imperfect choice is now being constantly reminded in magazines, meetings, assemblies and conventions that my choice is a Satanic one. It's going to be much harder for them to overlook my choice now. The WT Org tells its followers to put out fires while they simultaneously throw gasoline on them.

    @stuckin - AWESOME!

    @desirous - "Dumb and dumber." Ha! Harsh but funny. I understand why they created the brochures but they are embarassing to read. Or maybe I should say they are embarassing to look at, considering there are almost no words in them.

    @george - Good point about the Service Meeting parts. Painful.

    @designs - The fact that the bright ones are leaving was well represented in the District Convention drama. One character is a teenage daughter who finds family study to be lacking and dreams of becoming a humanitarian so she can travel the world and help people. How does the drama end for her? She learns to love the family study and finds fulfillment and excitement in scale models of Noah's ark.

    Another "troubled" character is a teenage son who is musically talented and scientifically curious. He doesn't attend the family study for two main reasons. One, he would rather practice guitar; Two, he believes there is more truth to be discovered than what JWs teach. He's been paying attention in science class and is beginning to see proof of evolution. How does the drama end for him? He starts attending the family study again because they are going to discuss the Was Life Created? brochure. There goes his shot at real truth.

    Also mentioned at the convention was the problem of JWs running ahead of the Society. It was referred to as "running ahead of Jehovah" but we know what that really means. So, you have these bright kids who have tons of potential. They find that truth exists outside of the JW Org. What should they do? Play dumb, forget your dreams and just do what the Society tells you. Maybe one day Jehovah will decide that everyone should know the real truth. But unless he reveals it through his chosen people, then you should view it as bunk and forget you ever heard of it. Isn't that such a loving provision?

  • DesirousOfChange

    NRFGeorge: Half of them can't even explain current, basic doctrine, less anything complicated.

    DING: Reminds me of Awake articles like "Interesting Fruits of Brazil." Is this kind of thing really a "live saving kingdom message" that Jehovah wants JWs to peddle door to door?

    George is right, most are just caught up in the "message" not how they are supposed to get there. 2520 weeks of whaaaaat???

    Ding, these are the articles required to make reading the Awake!magazine equivalent to getting a four-years college degree.

  • bigmac

    "finds fulfillment and excitement in scale models of Noah's ark."

    errr---isnt that just a shoe box?

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Tying Shoes Together in Unity

    Dear Brothers,

    The Branch has received reports from the field that in certain areas of the country, some of our brothers have adopted a method of shoe tying that is different than the majority of Jehovah's Witnesses. It is known as the "Ian Knot" and we provide the following video link in case you are not familiar with it.


    Apparently, some brothers eagerly embraced this new method of shoe tying, reasoning that since it only takes one second to tie, that would leave them even more time available to advance Kingdom interests. Sadly, this line of reasoning does not reflect the "wisdom from above" for a number of reasons.

    Pride. Ian, the knot's namesake, whoever he may be, could easily succumb to an exaggerated opinion of himself should this knot become widely used among the friends. Would it really be worth putting his spiritual well-being at risk just to save yourself a few seconds each day?

    Unity. Although more and more of our brothers have internet access, many do not. How will those who cannot afford access to this video feel when they are not able to master the knot as well as the more affluent members of the congregation?

    For the sake of the unity of the worldwide brotherhood as well as the spiritual health of anyone named Ian, it is best if those in positions of oversight strongly discourage its continued use. Should an exemplary brother or sister continue to use the knot after receiving repeated, loving counsel to stop, they would no longer qualify for any privileges of service within the congregation.

    Please accept our warm Christian love,

    The Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses

    p.s. (Your shoe's untied!)

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    @ Big Mac - Yes, the one they made at home was just a shoe box. However, they also went to the park, calculations in hand, and marked off the area of the ark with four balloons, one for each corner of the vessel. It was faith strengthening for the family and also a fine witness as onlookers surely knew that the weird family in matching polo shirts wandering around the park with balloons were most clearly servants of the true God.

    @ Open Mind - I also heard that the Ian Knot was first developed in the homosexual community - or was it prison gangs?

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    FM said: "I also heard that the Ian Knot was first developed in the homosexual community"

    I think you're getting it confused with pastel colored dress shirts.


  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    @Franklin Massey: "He's been paying attention in science class and is beginning to see proof of evolution. How does the drama end for him? He starts attending the family study again because they are going to discuss the Was Life Created? brochure."


    How can anyone simply be convinced by that brochure, or even interested? It sucks! My brain felt like a toasted cheese sandwich when I read it.

  • watson
    Can anyone produce a single piece of literature written by Freddie that would support the notion that he wasn't bat$hit crazy?

    That's what made him such a great oracle!

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