Tying Your Shoes With Modesty and Soundness of Mind

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  • BizzyBee

    I expect a special Watchtower article any day now:

    : A User's Manual

  • BluesBrother

    conclusions. One, the Society thinks JWs are idiots.

    I am sure that they do...The only problem is that a lot of them really ARE. At least, they are not retards but they are so trained to "be obedient" and not think for themselves, that they do act like idiots.

    The older family members who are faithful will say the same thing in private. They pine for the 'good old stuff' that had some spiritual value - in their eyes anyway.

    I do not mourn this though, if it puts the members off it can only be a good thing

  • leavingwt

    Franklin: It's mostly a matter of PERSPECTIVE. Now that you know it's all complete and utter nonsense, it sceams out as such. WT has been telling people what to do, as if they were children, for decades. It's not going to improve. Further, they now have seven million members and they are growing. As you grow in your freedom of mind, you'll discover that you have little to nothing in common with the mental slaves of the WT.

  • Lore

    We had two 10 minute talks explaining the new way of getting magazines to place door to door.

    The first one read the letter from the society explaining it.
    Then they explained it again paraphrasing the letter.
    Then the repeated it with different scenarios.
    Then they assured everyone that nobody will be punishing them if they accidentally take too many.
    Then they told everyone not to pay attention to how many magazines other people are taking because it's not a big deal.
    Then they paraphrased the letter again.
    And finally they assured everyone that if they were still confused they could ask an elder after the meeting.

    Apparently there was still some confusion because they repeated the part 2 weeks later in the Local Needs.

    So they spent two 10 minute talks to explain what boiled down too:

    Each week you grab the magazines you think you are going to place this week off the counter.

    Put any extras back for other people to use at the end of the week.

    So yeah. . . They think the witnesses are idiots, and that's mostly because a lot of them ARE IDIOTS!

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I don't think there's anybody in Walkhill capable of dispensing intellectually stimulating spiritual food. As others have said on this forum, since Freddy died, there hasn't been an oracle to replace him. There's nobody dynamic enough in the powers that be who are capable of leading this organization away from and beyond the quagmire of faulty doctrines which makes this organization unique. The current residents considered to be leaders in this organization, if they're harboring different beliefs than what's printed, are victims to some degree themselves. They're stuck with the leftover doctrines that are obviously flawed and need corrected but probably unsure how to proceed. Depending on which direction they take, they risk alienating long time adherents, yet they can't ignore the amount of young people leaving. What to do, what to do!! As a result, much of the literature is stuck on simplistic tripe, and useless reminders. Have any of you sat through a Service Meeting lately?

    At the same time, it takes two to tango, and I don't think enough JWs are interested in anything stimulating. Half of them can't even explain current, basic doctrine, less anything complicated. They've become accustomed to simple, redundent articles devoid of any life. Maybe you can even say that they're possibly satisfied. Young people and middle aged who are hungry for life and idealistic are far from satisfied, and they're heading towards the door with Pew estimates stating 2/3 of born-ins going that route. What they're learning in school, and their goals make the WT's goals look silly and archaeic, which I guess is why the WT calls those aspirations, "the deep things of Satan." The WT is trying to satisfy their chief audience while trying to retain the unsatisfied young people, but as recent articles have indicated, they're ok with losing young people and other middle aged types who've grown dissatisfied in recent years if thats what it takes to keep their older consitituents happy.

  • Glander

    Stuck, you had me going there! Excellent parody. The real irony is that it if it were a genuine directive it could have millions of men feeling guilty about the way they tie their shoes.

    PS In the late '50s early '60 there really was a serious issue about brothers wearing pastel dress shirts and the big knotted ties.

  • leavingwt
    As others have said on this forum, since Freddy died, there hasn't been an oracle to replace him.

    Can anyone produce a single piece of literature written by Freddie that would support the notion that he wasn't bat$hit crazy?

  • designs

    Oh well the Brothers with the Big Knotted Ties now that was serious and they had to be counseled...

  • Curtains

    I understand that nowadays the fashion is to wear dress shoes without socks. A brother at one hall has taken to following this fashion and this has incensed an elder. The sockless brother has been reaching out for several years and desperately wants to be appointed MS (so I am told) but small fashion statements like the one above have kept him on the sidelines. However I do wonder if he is indeed desperate to be appointed and in reality is making his own small protest via small fashion transgressions. I hope he is because he is one of the few who tends to do things his own way.

  • Ding

    Reminds me of Awake articles like "Interesting Fruits of Brazil."

    Is this kind of thing really a "live saving kingdom message" that Jehovah wants JWs to peddle door to door?

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