Brothers divorceing, DF, marry younger sisters and later reinstated.

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  • jam

    A few years back, when my Elder brother was still talking

    to me, he mention that, brothers was divorceing there wife

    and marring younger sisters. My years in the borg, I can

    only remerber three cases that this happpen. One

    brother is not in the borg but his wife is still in, she was

    much younger, another brother is A elder today and his wife

    A lot yonger then his first wife. The 3rd brother, he divorce

    his wife, she didn,t want the truth, he married A woman,

    lets say he had retired from the post office, she was in her

    early twenties.

    From what my brother was saying, one would think A pattern

    was taking place among the brothers, dump the old lady and

    set out for A few years , get reinstated and marry one of

    the younger sisters.

    Have any of you seen this in your congregation?

  • elderelite

    ITs interesting you bring this up Jam.. .I have not personally seen it, but the org has railed against it a lot in the last few years so i susspect it may be some sort of a trend. Even the new KS makes some referances to it and how those who "put away" their marriage mates should be delt with. Being reactionary as they are, I susspect a trend made them print these things, but really who knows. I think a lot of borg marriages stay together simply becuase the org is anti divorce and nobody wants to be df'd.

  • DesirousOfChange

    If they play their cards right, they don't even have to go through the disfellowshipping part of it. Just treat the wife badly, so that when you admit to her than you had an affair years ago she will refuse to forgive you. Then the fact that you confessed to the indescrition and begged your wife to come back (but she refused), then you get away with public reproof. Hang around and look sorry for 6 months or so, get you privleges restores, and legally marry the young hussy you have been humping all this time.

  • shopaholic

    I've seen it a lot...even have relatives and friends that fit into both categories. For some older brothers, its completely intentional as they had their 'eye' on the younger sister and just followed through on their plot.

  • Violia

    yes I have seen this. There used to be heavy consequences for this behavior (so as to instill fear ) and it probably does vary in different parts of world etc. I think most congo's still view this as serious but if you are one of them you may be able to get away with it. Men tend to sympathize with other men on this one.

    I know a bro who was divorced 3 times before he got df. Yes the wife not forgiving him will get him off more lightly. The other elders also feel empathy for a brother whose wife has let herself 'go" and if he then commits adultery, well, he's only human.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    WOO HOO! Sounds like fun!

    Actually... Know of certain brother who did exactly this, but decades ago...

    About 10 or so years ago, gave a talk on FAMILY LIFE at the DISTRICT CONVENTION...

    On the HLC...( at least as of 6 years ago)

    AN ASSHOLE OF HUMAN BEING from my experience, at least.

  • jam

    It,s sad, but this cult encourage this behavior,why do I

    say this. I know some may not agree, but let me explain;

    All three were elders, all three had heavy responsibilities

    in the congregation and with their famlies. If there is any

    problems in the marriage, you don,t have time to work on it.

    Elders are told by members of the congregation, all their

    problems and many are of the sexual nature. Sisters(single)

    trying to stay spirtual clean, unhappy sisters in the marriage.

    These men are not train for the type of counsel. You have

    A young sister come to you and tell you she is having

    problems of the sexual nature (natural human behavior), or

    the husband is not fullfilling his duty (marriage bed).

    Two of the elders mention above was counseling these

    these women, and married them.

  • mummatron

    A brother in my old congo in his late 40's had been divorced and DF'd twice. Had kids with both his first 2 wives. Whilst DF'd for the 2nd time he met a "Worldly" girl in her early 20's who's only a couple of months older (she'd publically admit that she cherished those few months) than his oldest kid. He married her and convinced her to study. He got reinstated, she got baptised and *BINGO* he then gets visitation rights back to see his kids 'cause his exes had no reason to shun him anymore!

  • designs

    When you hear about this always play Stephen Stills 'Changing Partners'

  • daringhart13

    One of the most overlooked problems in this organization.

    It happens ALL THE TIME.....I could reel off a dozen names in my area where this was the case.

    Little do they seem to realize they are doing the VERY SAME THING GOD CONDEMNED IN fact, that same elder will get on stage and give a talk on Malachai.

    I honestly think most JW's are just brain dead.

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