I'm Home!!!!!Wonderful Picket

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  • mouthy

    Lovely weather.....got there at 11.45 My Friend set up all his signs ( 4 of them) about the black becoming white,
    Internet NO Nos!! They were all in suits ties,Very hot! Hundreds of them. Read the signs ( scoffed) Then my friend
    ( Ted) walked away to go round the other side carrying two of the signs,& Guess what ????A wonderful black brother
    came with his little boy to pick berries that were on trees behind me. He asked about the black info on the board..
    Said he had never read that.Ted had all the old,old books there with us. PROOF!!!!
    He was really interested. Then another man came( 63 yrs old 10 yr JW)asked about the signs... told me I was being
    used by Satan,,. I explained about judging(..the way you do is gonna be done back LOL)
    We were able to talk a long time.Then Ted came back & showed them both all the OLD teachings...OLD BOOKS ( 1923)
    Then when I said Christmas used to be celebrated OH! BOY!!!! NO NEVER!!!! Then when I said about the CROSS!

    Oh I was a real liar.. It was WONDERFUL!!!!!! Had a wonderful time. I told Ted he didnt have to stand next to me because
    me being so old they would think I was a demented person. And it would make him look daft... But he said it was a great
    day for him to said it was even better that I was there with him... I am so pleased I went.....GREAT DAY!!!!!

  • snowbird
  • nugget

    good for you Mouthy sounds like you planted some seeds.

  • JRK

    I am glad it went well today.



    [email protected]!!..

    At least your picketing with real information..

    You could give Rick Fearon some lessons..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I think the old racist info would SHOCK the modern black brothers and sisters. Especially due to the fact that 1923 is AFTER they claim Jesus chose the Borganization as God's only organization on earth.

    Which book was that in, Mouthy? Harp of God?

  • Gayle

    You are always amazing!!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Good work Mouthy. You are fullfilling what Ps 68:11 says.............'The women telling the good news are a large army'.

  • mouthy

    Thanks! Yes that is what I told Ted".A Farmer plants seeds ,has to have a lot of Rain,sun,& time to grow..".
    It was a very happy time for me ...sat there praying for them all .I was able to tell them MY BIBLE says
    God is examing hearts. & as they were going by complaining about how hot it was ( Very hot) I was able

    to tell one God didnt mind he could take off his coat...

  • mouthy

    Mad sweeny....I dont remember the book Ted had it in ( he had SOOOO Many) whipping them out to show this & that.
    JWGONEBAD!!! Oh! I thought it said "AN ARMY OF LARGE WOMEN"LOL That would make me O.K. cos I am LARGE!!!!!
    Gayle Thanks
    Outlaw> Behave yourself."If you cant say anythiing nice
    Dont say anything at all

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