Avoid Watchtower 'False Stories' !

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  • hoser

    the average ethiopian makes 700 euros a YEAR.....Why not fund a house filled with 51 brothers who go out preaching?(36k E /700). Wouldnt that truly be a blessing brothers? LOL Just think how rich the watchtower would be if everyone made 10$ an hour for the preaching work lol.

    Thanks Diest

    I now have a comment for the WT study tomorrow


  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    Andre is...The Most Interesting Man In The World.

    He isn't always offered an enormously high-paying job, but when he is, he pioneers instead.

    He doesn't always repent for his sins, but when he does, jehovah forgives him.

    But seriously, folks...

    I mean, I can hardly believe that other JWs just eat up this hypocritical/exagerated/just-plain-false BS.

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