How many current teachings have not been altered at all?

by Paralipomenon 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Ding

    Unchanged teachings:

    1. Jesus isn't God

    2. Holy Spirit is neither God nor a person

    3. Hell is the grave, not a place of punishment

    4. Spirit = impersonal life force

    5. People go out of existence at death / no surviving consciousness

    6. Armageddon is coming very soon

    7. Bible is God's word

    8. Salvation requires exercising faith (= works)

  • Bangalore

    Christ's second coming would be invisible.

    Planet Earth would not be destroyed.


  • sir82
    Initially there wasn't a paradise earth, all were going to heaven

    Not quite true - Russell's original thought was that he & his followers would go to heaven, and that a large part, if not the majority, of the rest of the planet would survive Armageddon & transform the earth into a paradise. Hence the phrase "millions now living will never die" - the "millions" weren't JWs (or Bible Students as they were known then), but people "misled" by false religion.

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