Adam didn't have intercourse with Eve prior to sinning? Watchtower Quote.

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  • badseed

    add to it that for at least 36 years (1975 - eve's creation) he didn't have sex. Now I'm certain Adam was respectful man, so he probably gave Eve a couple of days to adjust to the shock of being created (lol..afterall she's the weak vessel) and then he banged her (anyway that's what they would do). Doggy style too (who cares about a JC meeting at this point).

    They assume that Eve got pregnant the minute she had intercourse. btw, they were perfect, thus were in touch with their own bodies, she would know when she was ovulating.

    so they probably sat down with Jehovah during family night worship to discuss family planning. Now they didn't have the youth book at the time, and they had questions. I'm sure Jehovah tried his best to explain it as good as the FDS would. Now, since Jehovah could see in the future, he downloaded a couple of Watchtowers and Awakes in preparation for this week's special needs talk. He knew that he would have to tell them that getting all excited over this sex thing was wrong and that they should seriously think if they were ready to take the leap into mariage. There was more important things to do. Preparing for daily meeting, personal study, ok so they didn't have to go door to door Saturday mornings but that was no excuse for indulging in sex.

    They think that being perfect means you're not human anymore... They're stuck with stupid reasonings from the past yet continue to say "that's my story and I'm sticking to it". I don't know why it's so wrong for them to admit that what was writen in the past could be or is wrong. They can't even adjust their thinking. Sad.

  • Mary
    I wonder if the Watchtower could tell us if the Big Bad Wolf ever banged Goldilocks.....

    Well if he did prior to the mid 1980s, it wouldn't have been considered fornication according to the Aid Book, so they woulda bin home free.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    St George of England
    can you remember where this can be found??? It would be nice to have a proof :)))
    That just sound hilerious

    I will try and find it though it may have been a convention/assembly talk.


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