You should eat this cake. Are you gay?

by Cali Guy 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • Rocky_Girl

    Congratulations!! Life is so much sweeter when you can breathe the free air! I hope that you will be able to let go of all the negative thoughts about homosexuality. My friend, K, had such a hard time accepting himself after all of the poisonous thoughts he had absorbed from his years in the "truth."

  • Paralipomenon

    Wait... are you saying the cake was a lie?

  • Cali Guy
    Cali Guy

    Thank you all for your support!

    Great point Irondork! The two essays were very helpful and will be helpful when I have to answer those daunting questions. You have a pm by the way.

    Jworld. I'd love to hear more of your story. pm me if you have the time. I guess I really can't assume it will always remain bad. My question would be, how do the JW's treat your mother now? I would never intentionally hurt my family's relationships with the others in the hall or my extended family. I also thik it's so ridiculous that they openly claim that with bible study, people can be celibate without masturbation. That point was one of the things that proved to me that they are a false religion. God isn't stupid, he wouldn't tell them this was untrue. HE SEES EVERYTHING! haha.

    Hoab. Interesting that he would actually admit that. I never understood what business it was for them to ask anyone personal questions. I'm surprised the questioning process hasn't ever led to any lawsuits (have there).

    shamus. Your right about that!

  • shamus100

    Have you ever tried quinoa chocolate cake?

    Don't feel that I'm monkeying around with you. If you EVER , EVER see this on a menu, you order it and order it IMMEDIATELY mister. :D I nearly passed out when I ate it - it's so moist it drips. And that's not from sugar or icing either. It's ecstasy!

    You heard it first from me. Gluten free to boot! It'll keep you gay skinny, or gay fat, or whatevah... ;D

  • Velour

    Hot post.

    I think many of us will remember those days (or weird nights) when we are closer to being and accepting who we are.

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