Do you believe in an annointed class?

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  • irondork

    Regarless of their identity - in fact, if they are really "discreet" their identity should probably remain unknown - do you believe the bible speaks of a spirit annointed class of folks, a limited number of humans that have been called to heaven to serve with Jesus?

  • cantleave


  • sizemik

    no . . .

    seriously flawed doctrine based on specious scriptual reasoning

  • irondork

    If your answer is YES, I already know the scriptural reasoning behind it. If NO, I am curious about your reasons.

  • AnnOMaly

    Not a separate 'anointed class,' no.

    The Luke 12:32 isn't some kind of 'rule' that says those being given the kingdom will be a 'little flock.' The account says there was a huge crowd that had come to see Jesus. 'Little flock' was just an expression he was using to his (far fewer) disciples in the audience.

    The 144,000 number is found in a book full of numeric symbolisms. Why insist that it's literal - especially when the 12 x 12,000 numbers that comprise it are symbolic, according to the WTS? Illogical.

    John 1:12; Rom. 8:14 and Gal. 3:26-29 make clear that spirit anointing and adoption as sons are open to all who have accepted Christ.

    If there was only one class of 'true Christians' in the 1st century and the NT was written to and for them, what changed?

  • designs

    Was Jesus setting the tone for a limited and elite membership when he spoke of contrasts such as 'cramped and narrow is the road to life and few are the ones finding it, broad and spacious is the road leading to destruction' Mt.7:13. Did this fly in the face of Judaism that had developed over centuries a much more egalitarian view of who and how God would save all of humanity.

  • jgnat

    No. Jesus gave promises and prophecies. He did not distinguish who would be the beneficiaries, but offered it to all.

    Well, I should qualify. He did mention that he had come for Isrealites, not Gentiles (Matthew 15:21-28). But then he healed anyways.

    That is the only split that I see in the NT accounts, between Jew and Gentile. I do not see "two hopes", "two classes".

  • PSacramento

    All who accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour are annointed by the HS.

  • inbetween

    how would would explain this:

    Revelation 5:9, world wide english:

    #9And the four living beings and the leaders sang a new song. The new song was: `You are able to take the book and to open its locks, because you were killed. You have set the people free and bought them for God with the cost of your blood. They are from every tribe, language, nation, and country.

    10 You have made them into kings and priests for our God. They will rule on the earth.'

    Does this scripture indicate at least two classes ? One class, made up of humans, who will rule, and others who will be subjects ?

    Interestingly, the NWT says, ruling over the earth, what does the Greek word really indicate ?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    How would I explain Rev 5:9? Put down the storybook and step away from the Kingdom Hall. Rent a good movie and anoint a bowl of popcorn with butter and enjoy. Rule over the livingroom with justice and snacks.

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